Jaclyn Truss

Jaclyn Truss is a speaker, published writer and the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the worldwide luxury art magazine, INSPADES. Also a small business consultant, Jaclyn marries concepts of hard work, proper leadership, and correct strategy with insightful thinking, mindful energy and balanced living to maximize both profit and enjoyment for fellow entrepreneurs. As a personal consultant, Jaclyn uses her own unique, short-term method, bespoke to each client, that teaches you how to care for yourself so that you can walk happily and independently through life, as a self-reliant, self-soothing, well-attuned being. Is your universe unfolding as it should.

About the Book

The Law of Unattraction is everywhere. There are millions of people caught in a circumstance of in-between enlightenment, endlessly hopeful, but never truly creating or maintaining happiness in any reliable fashion. They think they are doing the groundwork, pounding the pavement of happy thoughts and always looking at the glass half full, but still, they find that life, well, kinda... sucks. With countless books on the Law of Attraction, the only thing missing is that, regardless of your relentless effort, things can still never seem to be working out for you.

In this engaging new book, prepare to look at the Law of Attraction with fresh eyes by seeing how its various tools and techniques, when misinterpreted or misapplied, can actually bind you up into a place of complete Unattraction – and what to do about it.


In this book you will:

  • Learn which Law of Attraction methods accidentally devastate your manifestational prowess and get you stuck in a world of Unattraction – and how to correct your course
  • Uncover the truth about being “happy all the time” and the reality and means of true sustainable satisfaction
  • Realize the relationship, parenting, business and self-belief truths that you’ve been desperately trying to avoid because they scare you... and why they shouldn’t
  • Discover the biggest pitfall of all and why and how this ONE thing will keep you from everything you really want out of life

This book unpacks complex universal and emotional processes with unique and relatable anecdotes and methods, and is the answer for anyone who has done everything they think they’re supposed to but still find themselves begging the question: Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for ME?


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