James R. Elliot

James has made a transformational journey, to now no longer worry about “looking good”, or worry what other people think about him, or try to make everyone like him. He teaches people what he has learned – to have boundaries, get back their personal power, regain their confidence and just go for what they want. To stand out, speak up, and have everyone see how awesome they are! Through his journey, James has become an author, speaker, certified master coach, and NLP trainer.

James comes from a place of being bullied, picked on, physically injured and rejected when he was younger. He used to feel he had to be a people pleaser just to get people to like him. He wasn’t being his powerful self. He wouldn’t get what he wanted and people walked all over him. He found he was attracting the wrong people in his relationships too!

Now, he helps people by mentoring them and also giving them the tools, mindset, and strategies to be successful long term. James is big on “teaching you how to fish for a lifetime” instead of just giving you a fish for a day. He also does it in a really enjoyable way.

In his client testimonials and Google reviews, you can see how much James’ past clients and the graduates of his courses love him, his work and his heart, strength, and passion to empower others. His YouTube video blog also demonstrates his passion and thought leadership to share his knowledge.

James is best known for empowering others to get where they want to be, through giving them clarity, direction, tools and new strategies, straight talk, an empowered mindset, and the accountability to keep them headed in the right direction.

About the Book

Frustrated? Unfulfilled? Not succeeding where you really want? Not enough money, time or energy?

Discover how to have the life you really want and take action NOW to get it! If you are looking to take your life to a whole new level, you’ve found the right book!

I wrote this book to share my learnings, tools, strategies, and experiences with other people so that they can create big success in their lives, just like I did. If I can do it, you can too!

If you are looking to dramatically change your life, increase your self-esteem and confidence, get clear on your purpose, create an empowered mindset, let go of any crap you’re holding on to and start taking action towards what you want, this book will give you what you need to shift!

This book came from my journey from feeling like a loser when I was younger, to be a highly influential leader now! This book will give you new ways to look at life and it’s problems, how to get powerful learnings about yourself from who or what drives you crazy, and some of the best tools and strategies to empower you, reduce fears, reduce anxiety, reduce negative self-talk, increase your confidence and help you take action towards what you want.

This book is also more than just a one-time read. Use it as a tool, a reference system for the tools and strategies and reminders to keep you heading in the right direction, even after you have read it.

It’s time to unleash your power and create what you really want in your life!

Learn How...

Learn the key tools, shifts, and the mindset required to skyrocket yourself to success and fulfillment!

Uncover in These Pages...

Strategies that will make becoming successful and getting to your specific goals, much faster, much easier.

  • Discover how I went from being called a "loser" in school, to now being an inspirational leader, and how to use these strategies for yourself!
  • Get clear on your 2 BIG WHYs to motivate you. Without this, distractions and lack of (or reduced) motivation will always be there in your life.
  • Discover the success-blocking patterns in your life and how to change them!
  • Find your goal blocks, limiting beliefs, excuses, reasons and stories and how to remove them!
  • Learn the three (absolutely necessary!) secrets for big change and transformation.
  • Learn about our "masks" and "armor" we have to protect us, how this limits us, and how understanding this can help you really connect to others.
  • Learn tools to take action in the face of fear, and how to learn when you fail.
  • Get some powerful learnings about yourself, to propel you forward, from who or what drives you crazy or makes you mad!
  • Find out how making it right with people, or letting past stuff go can remove your success blocks, worries and fears!
  • Discover how to actually be fully present with people - a strategy that will have people know, like and trust you, to grow the success in your relationships or your career!
  • Discover how to stand in your power, even if you currently feel powerless or lack confidence or self-esteem and worry about your own greatness.
  • Discover how to create your ultimate success in life.
  • Discover strategies for you, and everyone, to know how "FCUKing" Awesome you are!


“James captures his personal experiences in a narrative that allows us to identify. His useful coaching steps emanate from first-hand experience. This is a wonderful endorsement for the value of coaching.”

Mel Christie, author of The SIX C's of Leadership


“A must-read for anyone who wants to get on in with SUCCESS.”

Zoe Hoang, authors of When Good Becomes Great!


“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics, and approaches for SUCCESS that simply work. A fantastic book.”

Des & Belinda Werner, authors of How to Join the Mile-High Club


“A must-read for anyone who wants to get on in with SUCCESS.”

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, author of Unstoppable YOU


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