James Tan

James Tan was introduced to a financial simulation and what he discovered about himself through the many sessions, changed his thinking forever.

Today, James has a portfolio of Real Estate, Equities, Commodities and businesses. He is a mentor to many who aspire to be financially successful and who want to have options in their life. James is a senior manager in a Global MNC and has held many challenging portfolios ranging from engineering design, marketing systems implementation, sales and marketing, customer service, asset management, business development and divestments.

James is a father of two and husband for 25 years to Agatha who is an educator. He currently runs financial simulation workshops and forms investment networks with like-minded individuals. Many are students from the same financial simulation workshops where he started. James is currently mentoring, coaching and guiding a number of young entrepreneurs on projects ranging from 3D- printing technology, Vegan eateries, real estate development and investment, Asian Retirement Villages, FOREX trading, precious metals hedging and internet marketing.

About the Book

We are told that we are out of the 2008 financial crisis but somehow things are not feeling right and we are rapidly heading into 2015. With the cash you have, you have lost purchasing power, the company you work for has either closed down or restructuring, yet the headlines tells us we are in a recovery and everything is back to normal. Nobody explains to you why the US continues to struggle with fiscal cliffs and the stock market is erratic. Europe is sliding backwards with no end in sight for Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, France and Italy. The rest of Eurozone is joining the austerity club.The fact is that the thinking has not changed since 2008, and lessons have not been learned. What about you?

Change your thinking and change your wealth. This is the book for those who want to take the next step, have more control of time and money and be prepared for a very different decade. The greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind is taking place and it will be better to be in the place where cash moves towards you rather than moving away from you.

Learn How To...

You can finally start to shift your thinking and your strategies to capture more wealth. You will learn how to change your reality, have access to the best written and online material to move cash towards you straight away, participate in the latest projects available to anyone who wants to have cash move towards them, and prepare for a decade of wealth transfer that will change your financial future as well as protecting your family.

Uncover in These Pages...

...tried and tested strategies, resources and projects that will start you in a new financial journey for the next 2-5 years.

You will learn:

  • How to get your financial priorities right.
  • How you can move towards your financial goals despite the opinion of others.
  • Who you spend most time with and how can you change that to further your financial goals.
  • How to find the motivation to make things happen.
  • How to access coaches and mentors who will help you to navigate your financial journey successfully, and in the shortest time possible.
  • Where to find today’s opportunities and how can you access them.
  • How to manage your FEAR and RISK.
  • Where to find the best networks and how you can access them.
  • How to ensure that you have the right balance between time and wealth generation.
  • How to leave all this for your family and create a lasting legacy.


“In my career, I meet thousands of working professionals who are discontented or frustrated with their current financial state of affairs. Despite playing by society’s rules of getting a good education, working hard and saving as much as they can, many people find themselves stuck in a never-ending rat race with very little financial security or freedom to show for it. James Tan was once one of those people. However, when James attended my Patterns of Excellence and Wealth Academy seminar more than a decade ago, he discovered one empowering truth. He discovered that he had the power to turn his financial destiny around with the right mindset and with the right strategies. While most people blame the government, blame their bad luck or blame their circumstances for their poor fortunes, James made the decision to think differently. He made the decision to re-educate and re-invent himself by studying the patterns of the rich and successful. He invested his time learning and networking with high net worth mentors and discovering the power of being in their ‘inner circle’.”

Adam Khoo, CEO of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies


“This is the first time I have seen someone who actually practices what he teaches. As James Tan’s real estate partner I can testify that all his projects in his book are real. It is just incredible that he actually started with a financial simulation, a game, and took what he learned, with the right mentors, to play in a real game of life. YOUR CASH MOVES™ is an inspiration for all those who have yet to fulfill their dreams of wealth.”

Ryan Khoo and Melissa Low, Directors, Alpha Marketing Pte Ltd & MISS(Malaysian Investors on Singapore Soil)


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