Janepher Otieno and Fiona Okwado

Janepher Otieno

Janepher Otieno is a single mother of four: a special needs son, two energetic boys, and one strong girl. She is passionate about motivating other single parents, caregivers, or anyone who feels disadvantaged by cultural differences or gender. Shortly after arriving in Canada from Kenya, she had trouble finding employment and was told it was, in part, because she did not have Canadian experience.

The Canadians originally assumed that Janepher could not have learned good English in her native country. Far from it! Janepher is, in fact, multilingual, well-spoken in three other languages besides English and understands two more. To make ends meet in Canada, she worked many odd jobs before returning to university to study Nursing, and she worked as a Registered Nurse before opting to teach.

As an instructor, Janepher has taught Nursing Communications, Pediatrics, and Transitions to Nursing (leadership, mentorship, management, teamwork, career planning), among others. Janepher set out to reinvent herself, to make the proverbial lemonade from the lemon she was dealt as an immigrant single mother raising her children in a foreign land, under the duress of culture shock and social disadvantage. Outside her formal work, she manages a team of caregivers- hiring, training, and leading team members to provide goal-oriented care for her autistic son.

On the side, Janepher dabbles as a real estate investor and has designed several basement suites over the years to increase rental income for owners and/or provide affordable housing. She offers financial presentations for immigrants, as well as real estate investment strategy talks. As she puts it, “A little dance here and there can always be woven into the fabric of a busy life.” “How awkward can it get, my dear Mother?” responds her middle son every single time he sees her dancing.

Fiona Okwado

Fiona Okwado is an intelligent, energetic, focused young woman raised by Janepher, a single mother of four. As the only sister to three brothers, Fiona was a diamond in the rough, forced to learn many difficult lessons as an immigrant minority girl with a special needs sibling. She earned her college certificate concurrently with her high school diploma by attending one in the mornings and the other in the afternoons, leading to two graduations in the same year.

Currently, Fiona is a second-year bachelor of science student in nursing. Besides studying, volunteering, and helping out with the family, Fiona also enjoys writing a blog, www.alifeoflearningdot.wordpress.com, where she shares her life experiences from the perspective of a millennial. She enjoys engaging with youth who can relate, and she strives to give her best in everything she does. On the light side, Fiona loves dancing, playing music, and modeling whenever she gets the chance.

About the Book

In a world of ever-increasing expectations and info-noise, it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. This makes it difficult to assess and resolve the many things that prevent us from experiencing true happiness. No wonder many who desire to achieve success are held back by the overload. Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer yes to any, THE TRI-WISDOM EFFECT is the book you need:

  1. Do you long to guiltlessly catch some well-deserved rest from your unending demands of child-rearing or caregiving?
  2. Does the inadequacy of your income keep you awake at night, worrying about your financial lack?
  3. Does inadequate support make you long to live a happy, prosperous life and leave you feeling you’ve sacrificed too many freedoms?

This book is a guide that reveals simple ways to tap into wisdom, so you can live your best life while providing care to your loved ones. With the ABCs of Self-Care, you will learn how to appreciate, belong, and contribute to resurrecting your hidden self. Step up to an increasingly better life as you gain success and true happiness.

Learn How To…

  • Free yourself from the weeds that infest your current life.
  • Take stoke of where you are on life’s journey and discover your essence. 
  • Cherish and nurture the pillars of your health for a holistic, stable life.
  • Redeem your time and do the things that really matter for your life.

Yes, there is a simple and powerful system for self-development, a method to help you gain what you desire and the assurance you seek, without neglecting your essential duties. Assess and incorporate the true needs of those you care for, to create win-win situations. Finally break free from the cycle of guilt, pain, resentfulness, unforgiveness, burnout, bitterness, loneliness, and the like. Utilize the surprisingly simple and effective Tri-Wisdom concepts and create your very own Tri-Wisdoms to help simplify your life and make it more satisfying. Using the very fruitful ABCs of Self-Care, shed your emotional baggage, redeem your time, spark and maintain your holistic health, set your life up for success, prosper, and achieve true happiness.

Uncover in These Pages…

  • What prevents you from forging forward and how to get rid of that.
  • How to take stock of where you are in life to gain clarity and get unstuck.
  • The surprising and changing perspectives of a sibling of a special needs individual and the impact of caregiving on them. 
  • Scenarios of people just like you that you can relate to and learn from or help.
  • Your pillars of health and how to embrace each pillar to optimize your life.
  • How to make your home an asset rather than a liability.
  • Other insights on financial self care.


“This book tugs on the heartstrings of all parents, single or otherwise. The journey of parenthood is challenging enough without the compounded problems that a troubled marriage can bring. With this in mind, Janepher sheds light on the will and fight of a single parent, and how you can achieve all this and live a fulfilling life filled with joy, love, and hope.”

Elizabeth Rentz, author of Reinvent: Rediscover Your Passion, Refuel Your Purpose, Reset Your Life


“Sometimes people forget that one way of living may not be the right way for everyone, and just because culture and society deem it to be the ‘norm’ does not make it the standard for all. This book reminds us that there is not one kind of normal for all. Janepher’s journey and experiences depict profound challenges in her life that make it difficult or even impossible to appease the expectations of those around her, but with focus, determination and clarity of mind, she is thriving despite enormous challenges. She shows us what we are all capable of! Get ready for a ride to your own success.”

Sherry Brantley, author of STEPP (Start To Exercise Personal Power) How To Create Positive Change In Your Life!


“In her book, The Tri-Wisdom Effect author Janepher Otieno illustrates the need for single parents and caregivers to prioritize their self care with examples from her own life coupled with advice from a variety of inspirational writers. Unique to this book is a chapter written by her daughter Fiona, providing a sibling’s experience growing up in a single parent home with a disabled sibling and also the honest appreciative view of her mother in the caregiving role lending credibility and authenticity to the book content. Although this book title suggests it’s target audience is single parents and caregivers it is a book for anyone facing life challenges, caregiving or not. Janepher’s writing offers the A,B,C.’s of support leading to success and happiness while caring for other and is a must read in these busy times.”

Gillian Stevens, author of Explore, Transform, Flourish: Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others, How Professionals Keep It Together


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