Janet Chong

Bessed with the nickname “little servant”, Janet Chong thankfully recognizes that there are no coincidences in life and that we are all born to serve. Forgiving her mother at 32 has opened a pathway to interior freedom and renewed faith. Janet has a special affiliation for those who live in fear and are subject to mental, emotional, and physical pain.

Janet is on a mission to help others transform themselves from a state of surviving to thriving. She believes that everyone deserves to attain the riches that come from choosing to thrive and that through service we can all learn to magnify our magnificence.

Inspired by her mission and her eternal love for learning, Janet pursued personal development and the study of health with passion. This led her to discover the gift of empowering others through speech. She has delivered stand-out messages to audiences from all walks of life on topics ranging from “Think Big, Not lack”, “Malnutrition in the 21st Century “to “Balance – Yang & Yin Approach”. Fulfilled in her career as a speaker, health professional, and physiotherapist for over 40 years, Janet’s “iron fingers” are now turned to the keyboard to share her experiences and empower those who are in survival mode with emotional tanks that are half empty.

Janet is now ready to launch her first book Live Clean & Grow Rich where she reveals a system for attaining the riches that come from cleansing your mind, body, and spirit. She explores her growth and cleansing experiences from resentment and bitterness to love and trust in God.

A devout Christian, Janet, above all, shares her values and messages to her eight beautiful children and loving, hardworking husband, Robert.

About the Book

Nothing is by chance and everything is a choice. Begin now to choose a magnificent life by design. This book helps you create a fulfilled, balanced life where you are thriving on purpose and not just surviving.

Many of us are in survival mode, mindlessly working from one day to the next, living in quiet desperation. We may be wishing life were better with thoughts of unworthiness and health issues. Paralyzed with indecision, caught up with being busy and settling for good enough, we give priority to our fears, failures, and misfortunes over our passion, purpose, and greatness.

Overwhelmed and unfocused, where do we begin?

Greatness begins in the decision-making moment and flourishes with the disciplined action to change for the better.

This book provides practical solutions to those who are willing to courageously move forward from survival mode into thriving mode. It is an actionable cleansing system that will guide you to clear the clutter that has clouded your mind, strangled your emotions, toxified your body, and imprisoned your connection with life.

The chapters within the book are thoughtfully sequenced to reveal powerful principles, strategies, healthy habits, practical techniques from ancient masters, and Janet Chong’s personal experience. Beginning from within, you will discover the laws of thought that can change your behavior so that you can change your results and, therefore, change your life. Taking the responsibility to BE a person of character that you are proud of will allow you to DO and HAVE what your heart desires.

The book centers on creating a balance within the five most important areas of your life: spiritual, mental, sensual, emotional, and physical. These are interconnected with each other, and by disciplining yourself to cleanse each area, you will be reignited, reenergized, and renewed into a thriving state.

It is in this enlightened state that we learn to abundantly love and be loved. It is in this service of love that we manifest inner peace and joy, allowing God’s greatness to shine from within us all.

Learn How To…

Be aware and understand how our body works. The human body is a whole unit and all our systems work in harmony when we are healthy. The imbalance we create with not nourishing our bodies with enough nutrients will lead to disease. Understand that disease comes from sickened human tissue due to a lack of proper nutrients. Therefore, these tissues cannot function correctly and they become food for virus and bacteria. To stay healthy, we need to eat food in specific combinations and amounts that depend upon our particular body type, constitution, and lifestyle. There are three basic systems of function to remember: the systems of receiving, transporting, and eliminating. When there is a balance among all three systems, we can enjoy good health. Healthy foods nourish and heal our bodies. Healthy thoughts nourish our minds. When you overindulge a habit, your mind and body communicate this distress with sickness, depression, and anxiety.

Therefore, we can take charge of our health and create a balanced lifestyle by eating the right kinds of food in moderation, exercising appropriately, minimizing stress and having time-outs, and supplementing with good nutritional products so that we can live a longer and healthier life.

Uncover in These Pages...

Your life is the greatest enterprise in the world. Only you can prevent it from going into decadence. You are a special human being.

  • Clarify and Simplify. Take stock of your life now. Prioritize what needs to change. Have a clear mission statement and visualize the outcome you want.
  • Order and Bother. Make preparations to remove the obstacles that prevent you from beginning your new journey. Open the windows of your intelligence and focus on what has to be done. Create a list of MUST DOs.
  • Prepare and Dare. Detach from the outcome. Be aware of your time schedule and plan your new changes within it. Become solution-oriented.
  • Appreciate and Create. Be grateful for your family and friends on your journey. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Surrender your woes and trials to God. You cannot change the past or know your future, but you can enjoy the present. Thank God each day for the miracle of life.
  • Forgive and Give. Allow the free, simple, happy child inside you to live. Have the maturity to say, “I was wrong” and the audacity to say, “Forgive me.” Know how to talk about yourself and have the courage to receive criticism even when it is unfair. Be a good listener. We are here to serve each other.
  • Attitude and Gratitude. Always strive to have a positive outlook on life. Adopt a winning attitude that sets the pace for how you feel, gives you momentum, and opens your mind to opportunities that move you forward in life. You ride a good wave, so to speak. Know that life is worthwhile despite all the challenges, misunderstandings, and times of crisis. There are no coincidences in life. You are a special human being.
  • Consistent and Persistent. Always persevere and complete the task you have chosen. Continue to do tasks repeatedly to improve yourself. Read The Cow Tripped Over the Moon by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood.
  • Overcome and Become. Do not become a victim in problems, but become an actor in history itself. “It is not only to cross the deserts outside of ourselves but still more, to be able to find an oasis in the recesses of our souls.” —Pope Francis
  • Conceive and Achieve. When you think positive thoughts, they will attract productive enterprises. Visualize and know that you will have the results you want. Be decisive.
  • Resolve, Involve, and Evolve. DO whatever is necessary and BE alert to receive success and HAVE a fun-filled experience that gives you peace and interior freedom. Love what you do.

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