Joan Liew

An internationally acclaimed IFBB Pro bodybuilder, a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and certified Sports Nutritionist with ISSN, Joan Liew started her fitness journey at the tender age of 17. Since then, she has accumulated four gold medals in Asian Women Bodybuilding Championships, competed at the Arnold Classic for four consecutive years and a 2-time Champion in the Arnold Classic USA.

Joan has attained the world’s most prestigious IFBB Pro athlete status in 2017.

Today, Joan and her business partner, Augustine Lee, run a successful fitness enterprise, offering their proprietary fitness program in their world-class fitness gym, Fitness Factory.

Joan has also obtained diplomas in sports and wellness management, health studies (nutrition), and commerce (marketing).

About the Book

Tired of trying all sorts of diet and exercising hard every other day, only to find that your weight simply does not go down as you expected it to be? Feeling exhausted and lack of energy most of the days, and it is hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle?

The Skinny Sumo Wrestler shows you 7 simple ways to lose weight that is very easy to sustain, and the right approach to exercise that you can follow for a lifetime.

Learn How...

You can finally break the cycle of ineffective dieting and excessive exercising, and experience the power of the right kind of diet and exercise plan that work for you and your personal lifestyle, leading to lifelong weight management.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • The best diet is the one you won’t even notice. You can follow the tips in this book and still go out to eat with friends.
  • How to set s-m-a-r-t goals to help yourself to achieve your long-term goals easily.
  • Learn the basics of macronutrients, understand how much to eat and how to eat well, without obsessing with calorie count and still lead a normal life.
  • Understand food labeling and how to identify the facts through the overwhelming information from food media.
  • Discover the truths about exercise and how you can effectively manage your workouts to see results.

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