Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman

Jocelyn And Aaron Freeman could not have felt farther from being a New Power Couple when they first met just a few years ago.

Not only did Aaron attempt to end things with Jocelyn early on, but he also owned books about lifelong singlehood. Meanwhile, Jocelyn was caught in a pattern of dating certain men over and over, in an attempt to fill the empty space within herself.

However, using the principles they share in their book and programs, Aaron and Jocelyn evolved together, diving into personal and spiritual development and designing a relationship that would not only last forever but would also leave a mark on the planet. The couple has transformed their thinking and behavior so rapidly that in just a few short years, they shifted their life trajectory from climbing the corporate ladder as a nurse and engineer to being social entrepreneurs, speakers, business and healthy lifestyle coaches, start-up investors, and authors. They have helped hundreds, and their mission is to empower people physically, financially, and spiritually.

This book is one step in their journey to do just that and ignite thriving relationships, which they believe will ultimately lower the divorce rate.

About the Book

This book is dedicated to those who crave a phenomenal life and relationship.

The New Power Couple invites two people to design a collaborative vision, create a foundation of balance, intentionally take action outside their comfort zones, and find the courage to live unapologetically.

What would happen in your business, family, and community if you started thinking like a New Power Couple? What would happen to your finances and your health and fitness?

By the time you put this book down, not only will you have the answers to those questions, but you will also experience new energy in your relationship, and you will own your unique values. You'll see consistency, a new ability to take action and tap into new levels of abundance —financially, spiritually, and physically.

Not only will these principles take existing relationships to the next level, but they will also be a launching point for those who have not yet found the relationship they desire.

Are you ready for the next level of awesome?

Learn How To...

  • Design a thriving environment to grow your mindset, habits, and spiritual awareness as a couple.
  • Design, simple, customizable ideas you can implement immediately to expand your finances, and elevate your nutritious, healthy lifestyle.
  • Let your collaborative vision drive everything you do together. 

Uncover in These Pages...

  • What it means to be a New Power Couple.
  • The attitudes of the most effective couples.
  • What it takes to develop and expand your collaborative vision.
  • How powerful partnerships seek vulnerability over perfection.
  • How to blend your mindset with actions to powerfully elevate your health, finances, and spirituality.
  • How your physical fitness influences your relationship and every area of life.
  • The simple power of structure that will expand your capacity for financial abundance.
  • The advantages of knowing one another’s imperfections and fears.
  • How to find balance in clarity and curiosity.
  • How to effectively use time and communication as the assets they are.
  • How to reveal and overcome the many hidden distractions that keep your relationship from thriving.


"If I could choose one book on Partnership, I would choose The New Power Couple."

Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall, authors of Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage


"The New Power Couple offers a powerful vision for how partnership can truly impact our communities and the world. This is a vision I can get behind."

Fabienne Slama, author of Renaissance Woman



"This book belongs in the collection of every couple that desires to be in business together effectively and collaboratively."

Rondea Wine, author of Stop The Junk


"It's rare to find a resource that pulls together such vital philosophies in a way that has the reader come up with new ideas for themselves right away. The New Power Couple is a fun and powerful read for all relationships."

Alexander Robert Figueroa, author of Assess This!



“Powerful and unique ideas for couples to immediately elevate their finances, health and spiritual awareness. A fantastic book!”

Marilyn Pierce, author of Ground Work Before Pound 



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