John A. Mejias

John A. Mejias, BSc., grew up in Trinidad and Tobago with an accomplished author of “learn to read” preschool books and lifetime educator as his mother; a sales professional and fabrication business owner for a father; with a published, highly educated expert in wealth management for a sister.

John is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, whose business experience includes owning, managing, and operating local and international businesses with a speciality in labor relations, people management, and recruitment. As a private service consultant, he has directed business development for small- to medium-sized enterprises and consulted for start-ups, existing businesses, and governments for over 20 years. He is a multitrade safety advocate who established the Canadian Construction Safety Fundamentals course for foreign workers new to the Canadian safety culture where English is not their first language.

In 2010 John originated and cofounded Own Energy Corporation in Edmonton to provide renewable energies supply and integration and installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Recognized as a subject matter expert in this area, he was called to write the curriculum for and continues to teach the Integration of Distributed Energy Systems at the college-diploma level for professionals in renewable energy.

“Integration is where the magic happens” is one of his best known quotes. He is highly committed to fostering public and government awareness on the vast planetary and economic advantages of this growing market in making renewable energy practical for everyday use.

In 2013 John added business development and corporate compliance to his experience list as one of the founders of a multidisciplinary consulting and coating distribution company, OE Nano Inc. This company branched into areas of biosecurity protocols and raised the awareness of “farm to fork” methods of sanitization, mainly focused on preventable communicable disease management. OE Nano works with several leading (not bleeding) edge nanotechnology surface coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial structures and other products that support new safety practices in the oil and gas sector in Canada and as far away as the Middle East.

John’s latest achievement, most importantly, has centered on education once again. His new book is directed to medical professionals and facility managers alike, along with his upcoming presentations that focus on some of the latest methods of preserving human, animal, and plant life by better managing general biological cross-contamination. This new work is expected to become a best practice standard for many institutions. Bridging the Hygiene Gap: Nano Technology to the Rescue at Work, Home and Play, and the valuable knowledge therein, speaks directly to those who are responsible for the general public’s safety by offering new best practice to assist in preventing disease outbreaks, quarantines, or closures of public or private facility.

Teamed with all of the vetted and noteworthy “Author-Recommended Businesses” purposely mentioned in this book, John also addresses the much larger global issues of pandemics in this ever-shrinking planet that exacerbated by the ease of distant travel and our rapidly expanding populations. John offers advice on how to strive to survive on our planet and adapt or adopt new technologies to purposely thrive hereon.

About the Book

The ancient adage “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of any cure” still rings true! Managing preventable communicable diseases (PCD) in this world of pandemics, cholera deaths due to the aftermath of natural disasters, outbreaks on cruise liners or even in your local day care then to be brought into to your own home may be drastically curtailed if the gap is bridged between scheduled disinfections. The use of biosecurity coatings on common touch-point surfaces, the main cause of many debilitating (if not deadly) pathogens being spread, must become mandatory if we are to save ourselves from the continued introduction of super bugs into our everyday environments.

This book will look into everything from hospitals to restaurants and at home to exotic locations and points in between where we work, live, and play. “Forewarned” will be “fore armed” in simple nontechnological language that you should use every day. Now you will know that you may spend much less and get better results.

Learn How...

  • Who is the last line of defense when it comes to your personal safety and who is responsible for it? YOU!
  • To do more than just washing your hands to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Nano technology truly is to the rescue in protecting you and those you care about the most.
  • Colds and flus to ecoli and ebola—all may be spread on common surfaces that we touch every day.
  • Protect those surfaces will protect you and all that you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Uncover In These Pages…

Bio secure surface coatings are here to benefit all and this book will teach you where to find and use this nano scale technology to benefit cost and health standards on the micro to macro scale globally.

  • Learn how to stop the super bugs and save your own a—— and that of those around you!
  • Learn one of the most common human causes of superbugs and how to prevent them.
  • What is hygiene gap and why you need to know about it?
  • What you don’t know is hurting you and costing you money, pain, and suffering.
  • Understanding the hygiene gap can and will save you money, time, pain, and suffering.
  • Stop the annual flu season in its tracks at the office and the day care.
  • Our most powerful health act standards just had the bar raised.
  • You too can save millions just by reading this book.
  • Passionate about germ prevention? This is a must read.
  • Worried about touching anything for fear of catching what “they” have? Know how to fight back and succeed.
  • If responsible for managing the bio security of your building, facility, vessel, vehicle, farm, hospital, hotel, camp, truck wash, to tree house, this book will help you sleep at night.
  • Mitigate the high-risk places where diseases commonly run rampant and cause havoc for our most important resource, our fellow man.
  • High-risk and at-risk infants to the elderly are all in need of bridging the hygiene gap.
  • Lowering the cost of simple hygiene will save millions from suffering in the upcoming years.
  • The differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting over a long period of time are all discussed in this book.
  • Faced with the facts and just how long-term efficacy saves money, it will save many lives too.
  • Travel dangers in the nano world that can easily be resolved.
  • Is livestock disease protection important? Easy, cost-effective and applicable solutions are found in this book!
  • Love your pet? Prove it by knowing how to protect them from PCD!
  • Required reading for health care professionals to parents that are accountable to those most at health risks and are dependent on their disease management decisions.
  • Traditional cleaning and handwashing are not working sufficiently to curb disease outbreaks. Just ask those affected by the continued cholera outbreak in Haiti and their expensive handwashing ad campaign, and many are still dying from this CPD.

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