John F. Sullivan

A former Roman Catholic priest, John Sullivan was a high school teacher, coach, and counsellor at St. Clair College where he also served as the head coach of the St. Clair College Saints hockey team. After leaving the priesthood, he married his wife Crystal, and they spent six years in Zambia, Central Africa. After returning to Canada, John went back to work at St. Claire as a counsellor and professor while completing his Masters of Counselling Psychology.Then after 15 years of marriage, he and his wife separated. It was over.

At that point, Harville Hendrix and Imago Relationship Therapy entered their lives, and here they are celebrating their 42nd anniversary this year. Dr. Hendrix personally trained John as both a clinical therapist and as a Getting the Love You Want workshop presenter, and has been giving workshops and seeing clients around the States and Canada for the past twenty-seven years.“I prefer the term coach, to therapist or counsellor, as the connotation around those words is that there is something wrong with the person; whereas, as a coach, there is nothing wrong with my players, but sometimes what they are doing is not working. I believe the same is true of relationships.”All sports use systems and teach skills.

The system John teaches is Imago relationship therapy along with four basic skills that can help anyone create a great relationship. The system and skills apply whether couples are just beginning a relationship, wanting to improve an existing relationship or are in a second or third partnership. They can work for you as well.

About the Book

Are you walking on eggshells? Not Happy? Don't feel close to your partner? I coach a three-step system to create the relationship you truly desire. The tools are available in today's world to have your dream relationship.

Learn How To...

Better understand why you are attracted to the person you are with and how that person really does have the blueprint for your growth if you cooperate with it. The key is to become more conscious, more aware.

Uncover in These Pages...

How you can create the kind of relationship you truly desire and acquire your happily ever after.

  • The importance of safety.
  • If you are in a relationship you are already part of a system - but that system is broken with a 40% divorce rate.
  • Learn how Imago Relationship Therapy helps you better understand the system you are already a part of.
  • Learn the four key skills necessary to create your dream relationship.
  • Using those four skills: Create a relationship vision.
  • Understand the influences of your family of origin.
  • Identify any exits you use to avoid your partner.
  • Learn to solve frustrations.
  • Learn to calm your anger.
  • Learn how to enhance the positives in your relationship.


“Save your relationship with John Sullivan's book! Find the positive and the good to create a relationship to last generations. Great job, John!”

Jack Mamo, author of The Marriage Code Book


“Author John Sullivan knows what it takes to have a “dream relationship.” He has dedicated many years perfecting his coaching skills and this book is the result of that dedication. John lives what he writes and shares his insights in this informative book!”

Bonnie & Dr. Jay Crandall, authors of Letting Purpose & Passion Drive Your Marriage


“Dream Relationship is a book all couples need. It is an excellent way of taking yourself out of the situation to find new perspective. I would definitely recommend this to the couples I know!”

Meor Amer Reza, author of The Greatest Gift


“What a great read! Buy this book if you are in need of a marriage intervention! John breaks the marriage system up into parts we can all digest and leaves his readers with a new take on relationships and how to make them last.”

Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman, authors of The New Power Couple


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