Julia Berneheim & Irina Arsenyeva

Julia spent 20 years in the business world - first, as an entrepreneur and then, as a finance manager in large companies. She experienced, firsthand, the costs and sacrifices of making an intensive career and how that can cause stress, anxiety, and burnout. After having found her own balance, strength, and authenticity in her femininity, she now inspires women to uncover their loving, passionate, creative feminine power for living lives that harmoniously integrate professional and private spheres.

During 15 years of a successful career with management positions in the automotive and construction industries, Irina was constantly looking for ways how to to remain feminine and true to herself. Her innate thirst for knowledge and search for harmony and unity brought her to a holistic approach in life, where western psychology is united with eastern spirituality, the mind is united with the body, business is united with soulfulness, private life is integrated with professional life, and everything is centered in the heart. Now she inspires other women to live their lives full of love, harmony and in alignment with their souls.

Julia and Irina have created a simple but powerful program to help women transform their lives by reconnecting with their feminine nature, reprogramming their beliefs on what is possible to achieve and empowering them to make the necessary changes. They teach in different places in Europe, Russia, and the US.

About the Book

Loving life, having flourishing relationships, feeling pleasure and ecstasy daily is a natural state of every human being. Unfortunately, issues from the past, negative behaviour patterns and fear cover all the joy, beauty and love that we are capable of experiencing. This book presents simple but effective practices for women to see beyond their limitations, to awaken their bodies, hearts, and souls for a life filled with harmony, abundance, pleasure, and love.

Learn How To...

  • Open your heart to attract an abundance of love in your life
  • Connect to your soul and your authentic nature
  • Grow your self-confidence, self-esteem and inner peace
  • Bring out your adventurous spirit
  • Understand the value of your emotions
  • Uncover your natural erotic and creative power
  • Free yourself from negative behaviour patterns
  • Calm down your mind to get peace and balance

Uncover In These Pages...

Concrete and efficient practices to help bring meaning, joy, harmony, abundance, and ecstasy into your life.

  • How to live a more conscious, fulfilling, and ecstatic life with the inspiration from six feminine archetypes: the Mother, the Queen, the Spiritual Woman, the Heroine, the Wise Woman, and the Lover.
  • Awakening different archetypes in you helps you look at life from many different perspectives. You learn to deal with your challenges in the most efficient and harmonious way and become more open-minded, loving and free. In the book, you will find a collection of over 80 practices to begin this journey of uncovering your authentic feminine nature.
  • The Mother archetype will expand your ability to love unconditionally, become more compassionate towards other people, increase your consciousness as a parent and also heal or improve your relationship with your own mother. When you exude love, you also attract love.
  • The Queen / Wife archetype will bring more grace, dignity, inner calm, self-esteem into your life and will help you build a strong relationship with your beloved but also expand beyond the role of a wife. 
  • The Spiritual woman archetype will guide you to connect to your soul, to a higher perspective in life, to everything that is sacred. You will learn to listen to and follow your intuition for a more harmonious life.
  • The Heroine archetype will ensure that your life is full of adventure, excitement, novelty, but also a wish to contribute to making this world a better place. She fills you with courage, power, integrity, independence and a sense of justness. With her help, you become unstoppable!
  • The Wise woman archetype brings order, structure, security, and stability into your life. She teaches you emotional stability, self-confidence, commitment, and positivity. 
  • The Lover is all about unbridled joy for life, eroticism, sensuality, mystery, ecstasy, appreciation of beauty, and love. She promises that the more pleasure you can allow yourself to feel, the more your heart will open too.
  • You will be invited to explore different ways of dealing with situations in your life for allowing more flexibility, spontaneity, and fun.
  • And finally, the more you learn about the unique beauty of different archetypes, the more you start appreciating and benefiting from the sense of sisterhood and support among women.

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