Julie Wallace

Julie Wallace, author of Nurturing Technogens: 8 Essential Skills in Parenting the Technological Generation holds degrees in Social Work and Psychology. She is a registered practicing trauma social worker in British Columbia.

Julie has been working in the social sciences professions for almost two decades. She has worked in community mental health, inpatient psychiatry, and neurosciences. Julie's passion for neuroscience and inquiry has led to the writing of this book.

Julie is a parent of twin boys growing up in a rapidly changing world; parenting the technological generation at a new and extraordinary time in history. As a professional, Julie knows that parenting skills and styles still matter the way they always have. Nurturing TechnoGens provides a roadmap for parents to make decisions their kids will accept. Provides information to support developing brains and promote Mental Wellness. Nurturing TechnoGens blends the prevailing theories in parenting and positive psychology with the new realities of parenting the TechnoGens.

Julie's goal is to provide parents with practical, tangible skills and strategies to keep their kids free from drugs, stand strong and healthy in their peer groups. Maintain positive parental relationships through the most difficult years and ensure all families find ways to thrive as the TechnoGens create the next wave of innovation.

About the Book

TechnoGens are the most informed generation in history. Generation Z's are approaching graduation and Generation Alpha's are beginning grade school. The rapidly changing world of social media and technology is a terrifying social experiment. Parents need a roadmap. Parenting has transformed in a generation. Parents don't know how to manage the conflicting demands of their kids wanting more technology and the warnings from professionals about limits. New dimensions to age-old fears, drugs, alcohol, bullying, suicide, mental health. How do we prepare our kids for the world that doesn't even exist yet? You can plan for a future in a constantly changing world. There is a way to ensure your kids are armed with the creativity and fortitude to shape the dynamic world they find themselves in.

Learn How...

It doesn't take a university degree to be an amazing parent. This book will provide straightforward, simple skills designed to complement your child's social and moral development. 

It will allow you to support your child to thrive at every age. You can learn to make technology an asset in their lives. Learn how and when to set limits you can stick to. You will see the power of simple skills to create harmony in your family. You will have the power to raise kids that set their own expectations, manage complex emotions and excel in school. In addition, you will learn how to find free and affordable resources to take kids from consuming technology to innovators. Learn advanced communication techniques that create protective factors against substance use, bullyproofing and empower thoughtful interesting kids. Understand the simple strategies to be an effective parent, keep kids off drugs and support their dreams.

Uncover In These Pages How To...

  • Teach your children to be creators of technology, not mere consumers. Know when to introduce technology and explore ways of managing daily use.
  • Overcome our natural negativity bias to stop worrying about the dangers in your kid's lives. Transform your thinking to see strengths and create positive feelings about the world, so you can support positive engagement in the world. 
  • Understand and learn effective communication tools. Strengthen all your family relationships.
  • There is a way to ensure your kids are armed with the creativity and fortitude to shape the dynamic world they find themselves in.
  • Understand how your parenting style and relationship with your children can support their mental health through all the ages and stages. 
  • Reclaim family time and find bonus materials of free and low-cost ideas in any community.
  • Learn how to use positive discipline techniques and feel good about setting limits.
  • Understand what your child can do at every age and stage so that you can support growth and development.
  • Sleep loss is an epidemic and one of the simplest parenting techniques in any arsenal. Follow our sleep guide and recommendations to ensure your whole family is getting enough sleep. 
  • Practical tools to ensure your kids can handle bullies, make friends and stay away from drugs.

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