Kay Baker, PhD

Kay was raised in a small hamlet in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She got married at 18, divorced at 19, backpacked the Sierra Nevadas in the summer of 1973 and joined the Marine Corps in September 1973. She served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, 12 of which were in the substance abuse field. The Marine Corps selected her to attend a commissioning education program where she received her bachelors' degree in English from Penn State University and her commission as a Second Lieutenant.

Determined to "get her education", Kay has a Masters degree in Counseling with an emphasis in substance abuse treatment and a PhD in Counseling and Student Development. Kay designed the Marine Corps' Health Promotion program, Semper Fit, and has many other innovations to her credit. She retired to Austin, Texas in 1993 and worked for the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. She then took over as the Director of the Central Texas Treatment Center in Williamson County, Texas. CTTC was rated the number one residential treatment center of its kind in the state for the 16 years she was director. The Center scored an 80% or better success rate every year. The Center served convicted felons on probation.

Kay's unique treatment philosophy, 'Transformative Treatment', may be an answer to the low success rates in most treatment programs, normally around 30%.

Kay is happily married to James Baker, also a PhD holder, yes, they're a paradox! They live in Liberty Hill, Texas. In her spare time she grows orchids and african violets, quilts and travels with Jim.

About the Book

The Addiction Whisperer is about making our substance abuse treatment programs more effective and more successful. When the current opioid epidemic involves 2.5 million people in America, it is imperative that what treatment is available is the most effective possible. Is a 30% success rate the best we can hope for in our substance abuse treatment programs, be they for profit, non-profit, criminal justice, or civilian? I think not.

This book reveals what changes need to be made to existing treatment programs and what new programs should strive for. If program administrators care enough about the long term success of their participants to read this book and implement it's steps and philosophy, I believe their success rates will improve. Not only will their participants benefit, but our nation as a whole will be vastly better off. This book outlines the specific steps necessary to implement 'Transformative Treatment', a unique philosophy for the substance abuse treatment field. It's not hard or complicated. With small changes, most of them mindset changes, any program can increase its success rate.

Learn How...

  • You will finally break the cycle of low success rates
  • You will see the power of clear, strong intentions for your substance abuse treatment program
  • You will learn to see your participants differently, engendering respect and hope for them
  • You will believe your program works
  • You will gain confidence to make enlightened decisions
  • You will believe your participants can and will experience genuine change.

Uncover in These Pages...

This book provides a new philosophy for substance abuse treatment programs that can take them from their current low success rates to higher ones.

  • Clarify your intentions 
  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Motivate participants and employees
  • Watch your outcomes improve
  • Do your best for your participants
  • Believe there is hope
  • Do your part to stem the tide of the Opioid Epidemic
  • Collect data to enhance effectiveness
  • Make integrity your hallmark

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