Ken Wendle

Ken is a speaker, author and the founder and owner of Edify ITSM, Inc., providing training, workshops and consultancy services. Early in his career, Ken came to the realization that being of value is more fun and fulfilling than trying to become a “success”, and provides that value by helping others discover and realize their own value.Ironically, his success in doing just that has him described as a "powerful catalyst for helping individuals and organizations achieve their value potential."

To publicly acknowledge Ken's thought-leadership, his practical, common-sense guidance and the value of his numerous industry contributions, not one but two greatly respected industry associations have presented Ken with their highest and most prestigious honor, their organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. As an international speaker, Ken is known for his subtly humorous, largely entertaining, but always insightful and pragmatic presentations, which consistently receive the highest praise.

Throughout his career in his work with individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions, he has always made it a goal to help them increase their own value.

Ken Wendle strives to be a person of value and has built his career and reputation on helping others realize their own value potential. While most people may think that the only thing you can do with less is, well, less, Ken maintains that you really can do more with less if you focus on doing the right things while doing less of the wrong things. T h e V*A*L*U*E Formula™ helps readers understand exactly what those "right" things (and wrong things) are.

About the Book

The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ provides a practical response to the common phrase, "We need to do more with less!", which, besides elevating stress levels, always begs the question of “Just how do we do that?”The answer is simpler than one might imagine: Do MORE of the right things WITH LESS of the wrong things. Remember: The RIGHT things to do are those things that increase your VALUE.

The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ provides and describes the five key elements of value and how they work together. When applied, this formula can dramatically improve your value, leading to the ability to actually do more with less AND reduce stress!

Learn How...

The V*A*L*U*E Formula™ teaches—in a simple, straightforward manner—the elements that directly impact and influence you and your organization’s value. You will learn these elements of value and how they work together to help turn your best efforts into your highest value.

Uncover in These Pages...

How to do more with less and still reduce stress.

  • Learn what value is.
  • Learn how value is created, delivered and can be increased.
  • Learn to craft and communicate a powerful "value vision".
  • Understand how to effectively align toward your vision.
  • How to find and leverage assets you didn’t know were available.
  • Discover how to take advantage of your uniqueness.
  • The “secret sauce” of effectively executing to realize your true value potential.
  • The barriers to value and how to overcome them.
  • Sustaining your value and building your value.


“The path to what the world calls ‘success’ requires understanding and delivering value. In The VALUE Formula, Ken does an amazing job of helping readers understand what value truly is and how to take what you have and squeeze the most value out of it. Learn from his experiences and the colorful, entertaining stories he shares to increase your value... and your success.”

Dr. Ahmad Rahman Songip, author of Break the Pattern


“In his book, The VALUE Formula, Ken quotes Albert Einstein who said, ‘Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.’ Who am I to argue with the great genius? Ken not only explains what ‘to be of value’ means but provides solid principles on how to dramatically increase your value..”

Berns David Lucanas, author of Time Is Up!


“In The VALUE Formula, Ken does a phenomenal job in providing a practical way to respond to the mandate to ‘do more with less’. By explaining what ‘value’ is, he helps individuals and organizations take their focus off themselves and place it on those they serve. Highlighting the struggles faced by many organizations today, he shares concepts which lead to real results. Thanks, Ken!”

Stanley Beckett, author of LIFTOFF


“A goal of every individual and organization should be to deliver value; something which others want and need. It begins with a Vision – a purpose – and, then, a clear understanding of how to make it happen. By touching on topics like how to craft a vision, ensuring proper alignment and how to maximize own assets as well as how to leverage those of others, The VALUE Formulais much more than a guide to increasing your value — It is the blueprint.”

Nancy Lehoux, author of Breaking Limiting Patterns


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