Krysta Leoness

Krysta Leoness is a Tantric Tao facilitator, a holistic nutritionist, sexual empowerment coach and energy practitioner whose focus and commitment to the Tao healing modality has helped both women and men realign with their true values and purpose in life.

She continually transforms the way people perceive and understand interpersonal relationships, guiding them to embrace their sexual energy, to feel fulfi lled, to serve others, and to awaken to their true selves.

Krysta is dedicated to sharing these ancient practices and making a difference in her community. She offers group workshops, public speaking, corporate training, and private sessions, inspiring individuals to reconnect with their true nature and manifest their purest desires.

About the Book

Focusing on the ancient Tao practice of living in harmony with the elements, Awakening the Yoni empowers you to tap into the endless source of life-force energy, increasing your pleasure, happiness, and vitality by:

  • Getting rid of your body’s stagnant energy and trauma.
  • Increasing love, creativity, self-acceptance, sexual energy.
  • Balancing your yin and yang through breathing exercises, massage techniques and jade egg practice to allow creativity and chi to flow freely.

Krysta believes love is the root of everyone’s being and in Awakening the Yoni, she assists individuals into coming home to that love and operating from a place of genuine good will, creating a safe place for women to explore their emotions and reconnect with their inner beliefs .


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