Lilian Ong

Lilian Ong wrote this book to inspire and empower women to live a life of courage and pursue their dreams. She does this by sharing her experiences and the stories from women she interviewed. She gave up her career in the real estate industry at her prime to be a stay-at-home mother, but turned entrepreneur seven years later.

With no prior experience in interior design, she grew the business from ground zero and sold it nine years later. She struggled with self-doubt and fear, battled with depression and body-image issues, but chose to take ownership and responsibility to put her health back in order and dropped from a size M to XS! She ran her first 21-kilometer half-marathon at the age of 44 and volunteers as a model to support the Fashion for a Social Cause Initiative despite of her stage fright, inspiring many women to take courage and ownership of their lives. She is a Community Leader & Public Speaker in Soul Rich Woman, a women empowerment platform. Her social enterprise, Class Living, provides an online platform for the underprivileged and people with special needs to showcase & market their artwork & merchandise.

Ong is the founder of Connecting Mothers,a close-knit support group providing a safe community for mothers with young children to support each other in their journey of motherhood and spiritual growth in the Word of God. Lilian is happily married to Matthew Chua. They have two beautiful and sensible teenagers: Tristan Jace, 18, and Claudia Faith, 15

About the Book

When women awake to the knowledge and understanding that our purpose in life will give us courage to overcome self-doubt and fear, that knowledge will restore our confidence, and unleash a power within us. Imagine the influence and change we could bring in our sphere of societies for the good of mankind. Taking personal responsibility of how we live our lives takes courage, because everyone faces different challenges and seasons in life. But a woman gains wisdom, strength, and confidence from every experience she goes through, while breaking fear barriers along the way, she is amazed by the power of courage and the strength she has within her to do the very thing she thinks she cannot!

Women of Courage is a compilation of the life experiences and lessons drawn from ordinary Asian women from different walks and seasons of life. Our stories may or may not be headliners or history-making or world-shaking; but one thing I do know, these stories have made a difference in the lives of many!

This book is written for women, regardless of nationality or ethnicity—whether it’s you or someone you know who is struggling with self-doubt or fear; or feeling lost or hopeless, inadequate, and unequipped; or simply wanting to be aspired to make a difference in someone’s life.

My hope is that you will draw strength from these inspiring life stories and gain a refreshed perspective of your identity and destiny as you take ownership and responsibility of your life. It is my goal that you will be empowered to step out of your comfort zone and face the challenges you are going through right now.

These ordinary Asian women took courage to overcome the obstacles in their lives. And when they experienced the face of fear and uncertainty, they realized their true purpose, embraced their calling, and lived their dreams! They surpassed the expectations they’d set for themselves and became inspiring leaders and role models in their sphere of influence!

Being extraordinary is a matter of perspectives. You are not defined by societies. YOU are a woman of courage, and you have the power within you to break every fear barrier! Your life is, in fact, an exceptional story to share, to inspire, to empower, and to influence! It is the author’s desire to inspire women to live a life of courage. She hopes to witness an arising and gathering of women who are striving to make a difference and become a force of influence, purely and simply for the benefit of mankind.

Learn How To…

  • Break your fear barriers.
  • Awaken your courage to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Overcome the challenges in your life by drawing from life lessons experienced by women from different backgrounds.

Uncover in These Pages…

Practical tips and insights and support you need in your personal breakthrough:

  • Visualize and design your life. Take ownership and responsibility to live a life of courage!
  • Failure is not fatal; it is your best and most honest teacher that will drive you to self-actualization.
  • Your committed actions will lead to your own personal breakthrough.
  • How your beliefs and psychological assessments or perspectives of the challenges in your life play a significant part in influencing your emotions and behaviours.
  • You can change your world by changing your words. There is power in declaration! Life and death are influenced by the power of the tongue.
  • You are a unique contribution to this world. Live your purpose.
  • Your life story can make a difference to the people around you.
  • Vulnerability is NOT weakness, but STRENGTH!
  • The ability or willingness to seek support is courage, not weakness.
  • There is never a perfect time to be ready. Everything is beautiful in its time.
  • Your past does not define you, but what you do with your future and how you choose to live your life now do.
  • You have the power to change your choice; therefore you can create different results.

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