Louisa Abrous

Louisa Abrous was born and raised in Algeria and is the sixth child of a family of seven. After having completed her primary, secondary, and high school studies in her hometown, she took off on a venture to study at the university in the south of the country in search of broadening her knowledge and education. She successfully completed a DEUA (Diploma of Applied University Studies) in Insurance Law and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. 

Shortly afterLouisa moved to Algiers, the capital, and began a very dynamic and demanding professional career in a multinational company where she held several titles and worked up to attain higher positions. 

Always eager to take on new quests, she decided to make the big move and immigrated to Canada. Arriving in Montreal in 2013 and thirsty for growth, she listened to her inner entrepreneurial voice and decided to join the School of Business Studies (HEC Montreal – University of Montreal). In 2015, she graduated with two certificates, the first in Management and Human Resources and the second in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. 

Louisa took on a new challenge to move one more time and even further. She went to British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada to begin her business project that had been close to her heart for several years now. 

Louisa arrived in Vancouver and another adventure began. She searched for a job to support herself and landed a position in the airline industry this time. She loved the fact that the opportunity offered her different obstacles every day. In the midst of it all, she had taken the first steps to launch her own business and went into the field of natural beauty studying all its dimensions and benefits: physical, mental, environmental, relational, and spiritual.

Back in Algeria, Louisa was passionate about stained glass and porcelain (china) painting. This is where she found refuge. She considers her appreciation for beauty a better therapy to develop several personal skills such as creativity, analytical mind, self-confidence, work organization, rigor, stress management, and more – all of which are helping her in her business, well-being, and outlook towards life’s impediments.

Today, and living in a city that aims to be the greenest city in the world, she is more motivated in pursuing her passion and entrepreneurial endeavor. Louisa sees this as an essential opportunity to participate in the protection of the environment starting with modest gestures - changing our habits with SIMPLE STEPS AND NATURE WAYS.

About the Book

Life seems more difficult for some people, and less for others. Sometimes it’s all about what kind of person you are and which perspective you choose to see and deal with. 

To face life, we have to first make sure that we are in good condition. What is meant by "good condition"? Our entire body needs continuous and regular care and attention. But there remains a problem for most of us, we mostly focus on one or two aspects of what our body needs and neglect other important areas. 

Unleash your inner and outer beauty in safe and natural ways! The Seven Simple Anti-Ageing Strategies in this book allow you to bring out the positives, turn around the negativities, and balance them out in your life.

Learn How To...

  • Use simple things that can be useful for a better and healthier life.
  • Go back to natural solutions and discover how they can bring back youthful energy and vibe.

These strategies are surprisingly not new but are untapped. This book reminds us that taking a moment and being more intentional can lead to more sound health and well-being. We can find solutions from what surrounds us in the day-to-day.

Uncover In These Pages...

  • With our busy lives, sometimes we need a reminder to take care of ourselves.
  • Nature remains the main source of well-being.
  • Learn how simple items around us can be used in very beneficial ways.
  • Change daily habits to daily strategies with positive outcomes.

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