Luisa Hernandez

Luisa Hernandez, is an author, neurofeedback trainer, coach, and consultant. She obtained her Degree in Psychology at HELP University, Malaysia. She is a certified master neuro coach with Time Line Therapy™ & a hypnotherapist accredited by the Association of NLP (ANLP) & The American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapy (ABNLP) Mexico- USA-SA-Malaysia, among other accreditations in the holistic field. 

She spent more than two decades in the education & tourism line, training & coaching Malaysians and international students to reach their potential in high schools. Her experience in life inspired her to contribute to society even further by adding value to women’s self-esteem and self-worth, re-educating and empowering people from all walks of life. 

She is passionate about women’s growth, gender economic equality, and human rights. She is currently engaged in the development of a project to change and enrich women’s mindset.



About the Book

This book is for women who want to make breakthroughs. 

For women who want to break unconscious glass ceilings. 

For women who want to see more women breaking glass ceilings. 

For exploring strategies to more forward. 

Every woman is willing to do more if given the chance!!! 


Learn How To...

After reading this book, you will: 

  • Gain more confidence 
  • Be able to reach self-actualization 
  • Overcome your frustration 
  • Upgrade yourself to the next level 
  • Step out, stand firm and stay strong 
  • Make breakthroughs in your personal life 

Uncover In These Pages...

  • The glass ceiling exists because of external factors (cultures/traditions) and internal factors (low self-worth and low self-esteem).
  • Finding your glass ceiling is about YOU. You can focus on your inner self without looking at what other people have done. 
  • Women need to stand on feminism and take this challenge to prove them wrong. There is a saying “Think like a man, act like a lady”. 
  • Know yourself, accept it and work on improvement. Knowing yourself is important to see what you are good at and what you need to improve. 
  • Powerful women have control over their lives. They don’t let other people determine their future just because they are women.
  • Stepping out from your comfort zone is scary because you do not know what is out there, but let me tell you, there are only two possibilities: opportunities and experience. 
  • Try to observe few people who are more successful than you and figure out their pattern of behavior, attitude, and the way they do things. 
  • You need EQ to guide your interpersonal relationship with others because when the communication is flowing well, the logic that emerges from your IQ is channeled through the filters of your EQ. 
  • You can never go wrong by being independent because you are automatically and indirectly contributing in upgrading yourself to the next level.
  • A woman’s brain is wired in a way that all things are mixed up and channeled through emotion. The money is connected to family, friends, car, work, and so on. This is why women’s thinking is more complex. 
  • People with integrity are aware of themselves. They are able to control their behavior consciously and unconsciously. 
  • Each person is born with strengths and weaknesses, so your job is to find out your strength and cultivate it.
  • No matter what makes you happy, do not let go of your dream. Work hard towards that dream and do not stop until you are successful.
  • Determination is the thing that pulls you closer to your goal. When you are determined to achieve your goal, you will work through your sweat and blood to be successful. 
  • Break that glass ceiling through self-actualization.

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