Mary Grogan, EdD

As a passionate educator, Mary Grogan has spent a lifetime inspiring and supporting students, teachers, families, and a variety of professionals to realize their potential and dreams. Committed to values of social justice and a humanistic leadership style, she has led inclusive, collaborative and innovative learning communities; and delivered professional development initiatives at local, national and international conferences. As a curious learner, she juggled a career with raising two children while completing a Sociology degree, an M.Ed. in Applied Psychology and certificates in Family Therapy, Mediation, and Cognitive Coaching. While working as a principal and a part-time behavior instructor on a medical school campus in Dominica, she completed a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership for Teaching and Learning.

She wrote this book to share what she learned by applying a reflective practice approach to her leadership roles as a teacher, counselor, coach and principal. Her work as a facilitator of reflective practice with medical students in the Caribbean and her doctoral research on professionalism confirmed that reflection is one of the most critical tools for personal and professional growth. As well, it is an essential skill for global leaders who understand their responsibilities to the human family and to building a world of justice, peace and love.

Mary currently lives in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Toronto and within walking distance of the lake and a yoga studio. When not working as a consultant or Co-Active Coach, she enjoys theatre, dancing, music, a good book, volunteering in the community, socializing with friends and most certainly laughter, conversation, and activities with her husband, children and grandchildren.

About the Book

Do you dream of making a difference in the world? Do you feel a sense of belonging, empathy, and responsibility to other members of the global family? Do you feel compelled to share your leadership skills and talents for social change?

Do you realize that regardless of position or title, already you are a leader with an amazing capacity to create a better world - one that is more inclusive, compassionate and peaceful? Do you know that when you influence others to make positive changes in your home, community and workplace; ripples of energy and hope move across the globe? Do you recognize this global leadership? If you want to celebrate and nurture your capacity for global leadership, then this book is for you!

Our world is turning wildly on its axis. The rapid changes of globalization and technology are stressing the 21st century on every level. Mother earth is experiencing greater extremes of wealth and poverty, climate change, terror, violence and polarized politics.

The global family is suffering from racist, homophobic, misogynist and xenophobic behavior. Fear and ignorance are preventing respectful dialogue between friends, and family. Relying on the traditional, single institutional leaders for the solutions is no longer trustworthy, so it is time for every individual to step up and take leadership in their own living and work space. By developing their global leadership skills, they can influence others to ensure that living and working spaces are more inclusive, fair, compassionate and peaceful.

The 7 Cs of Global Leadership guides you through a self-reflective journey so you can build awareness and develop your capacity for global leadership. This book is an invitation to take an inward journey of self-reflection so that you can tap into your potential as a global leader. Each chapter focuses on one of the 7 C’s- the competencies within you, so that you can become the confident, competent and compassionate global leader that you are meant to be.

Learn How To...

  • Uncover your potential for each of the 7 C's – the competencies of a global leader so you can increase awareness of your strengths and create an action plan for improvement.
  • Develop your own global leadership so you can lead with a clear vision, integrity, confidence, courage, and empower others to share responsibility for achieving the goals.
  • Lead respectful, inclusive, and innovative teams that are required for success in the 21st century.
  • Reflect on your experiences to gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and reactions so you can develop fresh perspectives and plans for improved attitudes and behavior.
  • Develop a practice of reflection for personal and professional growth. This will help you to review and replace rigid beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer serve you and to cultivate a more flexible, growth mindset that welcomes curiosity, creativity and diversity.
  • Develop a plan for self-care that strengthens your body, mind and spirit and helps to avoid burnout.
  • Understand the role of a change agent and manage the uncomfortable feelings and resistance related to the change process.
  • Assess and strengthen your communication and conflict skills, so that you can enhance your relationships and focus on win/win solutions.

Uncover In These Pages…

By tapping into your potential, you can become a more self-aware, reflective, confident and competent global leader who can make the world a better place of love, fairness, and peace.

  • Dare to turn your dream of making the world a better place into a reality
  • Discover your potential to become an authentic, reflective and engaging global leader who sets off small changes within your home, community and work space so that ripples of change move across the 7 seas and around the globe
  • Connect to your whole self so you can shine your light and purpose with love and care
  • Communicate your vision and values with clarity and integrity
  • Cherish conflict as an opportunity to learn, negotiate, collaborate, and create win/win solutions
  • Use your voice to advocate for equity and inclusion
  • Celebrate your cultural background and beliefs and understand their role in shaping your conscious and unconscious attitudes and bias
  • Cultivate your curiosity so that you become a continuous learner who is open to new perspectives and possibilities
  • Expand your creative experiences to deepen a sense of joy and gratitude and to nurture creative thinking for yourself and others
  • Build compassionate and caring communities that welcome diversity and foster trusting relationships so everyone feels safe and valued


“If you are seeking to become a reflective leader, who makes a difference in the world, The 7 Cs of Global Leadership, is key. With honest advice, combined with practical questions, author Mary Grogan, has written a book, that will surely be a classic!”

Jeffrey Grinel, author of Don't Rack Your Brain, RockUrBrain


“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for building a leadership approach that sets off ripples of change in the global community. A fantastic book.”

Alexander Robert Figueroa, author of Assess This!


“If I could read only one book about how to become a reflective, self-aware, and confident leader who creates positive social change, The 7C’s of Global Leadership is the one I would choose!”

Aquiles D. Tan, Jr., author of My Second Chance


“What a fantastic, straightforward guide to developing yourself as a leader. Congratulations Mary Grogan.”

Dr. Robert Chen, author of Power Prof


“So many people fail to realize that everyone is a leader with a unique capacity to create a better world of love, peace and justice. Reading this book will help anyone overcome that obstacle and succeed.”

Ahmad Duranai, author of The Leadership Zone


“Powerful, and practical advice about how to develop a thoughtful, and compassionate leadership capacity, using reflective questions. Apply Dr. Mary Grogan’s knowledge and you will feel much more enlightened, and confident in your own leadership journey.”

Jill Javelosa-Alvarez, author of The Handbook for Busy Parents


“In her book, The 7 C's of Global Leadership, Mary has poured her heart and soul into cracking the code of what the driving force should be surrounding leadership. Her smart, reflective approach is a must for anyone who wants to achieve the next level of success as a true leader. This book will be among those that have changed the planet!”

Josevie Jackson, author of Thrive and Be Somebody!


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