Matt Reynolds

Simple hard work and determination saw Matt Reynolds rise from the trenches where he began his working career as an apprentice plumber in Australia. He is an award-winning business owner, who specialises in driving productivity and profitability in the trade sector using mobile applications, voice communication and trade specific technologies.

Matt runs his own investment company, is a published author, and also an advisor in the technology sector. He has privately helped several people turn their finances around and begin to build wealth for themselves.

In his spare time, Matt produces the podcast, Trench Talk, where he speaks with industry leaders, icons, celebrities and others, discussing everything self-improvement. You can find out more about Matt at

About the Book

Do you want to be debt-free?

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

Men in Boots Beat Men in Suits is an apprenticeship in money management. It is for anyone dedicated to mastering the basics of personal finance and taking the first steps towards building their own wealth. Matt Reynolds strips out all the confusing financial language, laying out a simple strategy to follow to take you from whatever position you are in right now to $1 million and beyond.

Men in Boots Beat Men in Suits reveals some of the secrets that rich and successful people know about earning, managing and accumulating money, including how to avoid the common mistakes that can derail your goal of financial freedom. This book is about growth and making financial progress, which, when done correctly, leads directly to financial happiness and a better life.


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