Megan Mikaela

Megan Mikaela is better known as Megan C. from MG412 D.I.Y. and the book #TEENROCKS How to BUILD STRONGCONFIDENCE and CRUSH Life! 

Megan started off as a young passionate writer and has been writing since 2010, filling notebooksas well as writing on Polyvore and Instagram. In 2012, she became publicly known on Wattpad.Her first book, ‘The Last Sleepover’, started off as a script for her school's Halloween drama. But with the book reaching 9.2k views and many readerswanting more, Megan decided to create a trilogy. The second book of ‘The Last Sleepover’ trilogy is ‘The Last Soul’ and the third ‘The Last Piece’.

Megan knew she wanted more than just to write in the horror genre, so by 2013, she produced 'The Memories Are Unbroken', a paranormal romance novel. It was published on Wattpad, and while she was completing it, it reached 6k views. It was followed by 'The Sacred Love', 'Secrets, Dares or DEATH', 'The Forbidden Love', 'The Powers of The Undead', 'The Chosen One' and last but not least, a collaboration with her best friend entitled 'Mystifying Oracleof the Five Ancestrals', one of the most amazing books created by Megan C. and her very wise friend, Jet Lee. This book was infused with elementsfrom many genres, from sci-fi to fantasy to mysteryto the supernatural, to name a few.

Along her journey as an author, Megan finallyhas an opportunity to publish a book. Through this project, she aims to provide a tool to help you thrive in your life and gain opportunities, by teaching you about succeeding with confidence, overcoming your fears, revealing your inner potential and more.

About the Book

Have you ever wanted to do something, but were never able to achieve it, because you were afraid? Have you ever wanted to show your talent on stage, but were just too nervous to be able to perform? Have you ever wanted to join a club that you think might look good on your college application, but backed out in the end? Have you ever wondered why some people are just so much braver, so much more confident than us? Well this book will provide the answers to all the many questions roaming through your head right now!

Everyone dreams of being confident, being able to shine, being in the centre of attention. But somehow we are just not able to ignite those qualities..., like a match that just wouldn’t light. Because we aren’t like the others, we believe we don’t have the potential to ignite those qualities, or maybe we just don’t have the fire to light it up.

Well, guess what? You are wrong! Everyone has confidence in himself, but the key is to find out the way to ignite it, to let your match catch its flames. But before we begin, you need to know one thing. Confidence does not come in a can where you can just open it. Rather, it needs a step for you to activate. Now the question: “How do you activate the inner power in you?” “What button do you push?” Well, here are the steps to get over your nervousness and step up to develop your confidence!


Learn How To...

  • Break the cycle of having low self-esteem, lacking confidence and living in fear and negativity.
  • Stop giving up on getting great promotions and receiving credit in life. 
  • Finally stop going to school feeling miserable, with people always judging you.
  • Perform your talent onstage, join a club that will look good on your college application and become one of those courageous and brave idols you look up to.
  • See your inner power and ignite it. Overcoming your nervousness can benefit you and bring you more opportunities.. This is a powerful system for dealing once and for all with your anxiousness and for STEPPING UP to develop confidence.

Uncover In These Pages...

  • By gaining the courage to acknowledge, confront and control your fears and anxiousness, you can build strong confidence and gain positivity.
  • Accept your fears and triggers and turn them into an incredible source of power like you are Batman.
  • Restructure your thoughts and change the way you think to gain positivity.
  • Overcome your fear and learn the skill of perseverance.
  • Gain the ability to identify who is giving you constructive criticism and who is just plain being hateful. (insults versus constructive criticism).
  • Develop ways to improve yourself as a whole and be more open minded.
  • Sharpen awareness of your mindset and know whether you have a one-sided mind.
  • Build confidence and boost your self-esteem.
  • Tackle life's challenges with more certainty and maintain a positive mental attitude.
  • Stand up for yourself, which is crucial to gaining confidence.
  • Understand how taking action allows you a win-win deal in life.

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