Meor Amer Reza

Meor Amer Reza has a passion to help children fulfill their true potential and show parents how to have a true appreciation of their children. This is driven by his own experience of having his son Adel born with a disability. He realized that for any challenge that a child is facing, there lie opportunities for that child, and also for the parents, to attain levels they have never imagined before. He also recognized that the true potential that any child can achieve is strongly driven by the expectations and belief of the parents.

Meor thought he understood the meaning of success in life until his son Adel came into this world. He was born without a right arm. That was a blessing in disguise and gave Meor a totally different perspective and meaning of life. Throughout the journey of raising Adel, he found many new meanings that he never discovered before. He learned that any perceived failure or weakness is an opportunity for someone to rise above, become a better person and achieve greater success. He also learned that the world is simply not designed for people that think only of themselves. In fact it is those who see the world through abundance, togetherness and have a sincere concern for others are the ones who prosper.

Meor is a first class Electronic Engineering degree holder from University College London. In 2010 he was chosen to be the recipient of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Scholarship - the most prestigious scholarship in Malaysia, to pursue a Masters in Biomedical Engineering majoring in Neurotechnology at Imperial College London.

About the Book

All parents want their child to be successful in life. However, many take the easy way of transferring almost all child development responsibilities over to others. Common excuses parents use are: No time, no ability and no knowledge. As a result, their child does not grow up to be the successful adult they wanted them to be, and this eventually develops into a feeling of regret when they realize that it’s all too late.

The Greatest Gift will open your eyes to the treasures that you already have in your child and how you, as a parent, can bring them to greatness.


Why your child is the greatest gift that you will ever have and how you can nurture and develop this huge gift. You will also learn why it is crucial to start as early as possible while they are still in their childhood years. You will learn how you can take your child to the next level, no matter what situation they are in now.

Uncover in These Pages…

Understand the true gift that your child possess and take them from mediocre to extraordinary.

  • Emerging bigger than any difficulties your child faces in life.
  • Truly understanding and appreciating your greatest gift by going inside out.
  • The guiding root of all success and achievements.
  • Why you need to plant the seeds early and cannot afford to wait any minute.
  • How your child should be prepared to achieve their dreams.
  • Why you need to give first whatever that you want or wish for.
  • Changing your perspective completely by doing all these through togetherness.
  • The most basic unit to nurture success – the home.
  • How you can start taking action now!


“The Greatest Gift explains ‘why’ every child has their own uniqueness just waiting to be uncovered. This book is great for parents who have children facing any kind of challenges in life.”

Nicole Normand, author of Why Not You?


“The Greatest Gift shows you how you can personally take charge of your child’s development while at the same time prosper in your career. You will discover the great things that you will be missing if you do not take charge on your children’s upbringing."

Mehjabeen Abidi, author of Bringing Order Chaos


“The Greatest Gift deals with material achievements and personal values. A must read for parents who want their child to become successful in every facet of life and to grow into the person that you can be proud of.”

Nathaddeus Tan, author of The Success Gene


“Meor Amer Reza’s story about his son Adel and how he used that experience to take his life to another level is both inspiring and touching. The great thing about his book is that it explains why you don’t have to be anything extraordinary or different in your life before you can start helping others!”

David Teo, author of Friends Helping Friends to Become Richer


“Most parents want their children to be successful in life but are daunted by the great responsibilities to make it happen. The Greatest Gift puts the task of being a parent into perspective. It shows you that parenting can be enjoyable and full of purpose at the same time. You don’t have to let go of one for the other. You will discover that the responsibility of being a parent will make you become a better person in life."

James Tong, author of Ignite


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