Michelle Lee

Potential Maximiser Michelle Lee is the Founder and CEO of CRICOS Consultancy. She works as a senior consultant for private training organisations. With the help of human behavioural experts and life coaches, she has experienced a new profound direction and purpose in life. To inspire others, find their perspective in life, and also help them in fulfilling their goals, she has decided to write this book called A Surge of Possibilities, which is based on 100 interviews of human behavioural experts and success stories from all over the world, sharing deep and meaningful insights into various methods that anyone can use to reach their full potential.

Michelle went from a Korean migrant in Australia facing language and cultural challenges, a dysfunctional family, and domestic violence to discovering her profession, doing what she is passionate about and enjoying travelling 3 months every year!

Michelle currently resides in Sydney, Australia. In her free time, she likes to go for a walk on the beach with her dogs, visit galleries, and watch action movies (her favourite is the Bourne series!). Michelle’s passion is to elevate and maximise people’s potential.


About the Book

Do you ever wonder: “What is my place in the corporate world?” “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “How can I be more successful?” Years ago, I was asking the same thing. But now I have my answers. A Surge of Possibilities is about helping you to find your identity and direction in life so you can achieve the impossible.

A Surge of Possibilities is based on 100 interviews of human behavioural experts and success stories from all over the world. It will show you deep and meaningful insights of various methods that you can utilise to reach your full potential.

Learn How To...

  • Reset your life.
  • Identify what’s holding you back.
  • Discover your identity.
  • Discover your purpose.
  • Never make mistakes.
  • Leverage on your fear.
  • Identify the secret ingredient to your success.
  • Achieve your success.

Uncover in These Pages...

My philosophy is simple: When you know who you are and what you want to achieve, your possibilities are endless.

  • Discover the best moment in life to restart your life.
  • Discover your true self and be free from what you have been taught to believe.
  • Get a chance to experience the epiphany of your identity.
  • Discover where your life is right now and where you want to be.
  • Discover the ingredient of success you were born with and you always had.
  • Identify what has been holding you back from your success.
  • Learn to never make mistakes.
  • Learn how to benefit from your darkest fear.
  • Achieve your success—one that only you and no one else can achieve.
  • Live your ultimate life even in the darkest hours.


“It's difficult to move forward when you don't know where you're going. Michelle takes a chance at making the journey smoother by writing this book. An absolute gem for those who want to know their place in the corporate world, or for those who simply want to know their purpose. Great stuff!”

Tan Choon Kiang, author of Life Makeover


“This book is perfect for those stuck in life, and want to pick themselves back up. Author Michelle Lee urges her readers to claim what is theirs and make the most of every possibility life has to offer. What a positive and encouraging book to share with society. Thank you!”

Rondea Wine, author of Stop the Junk


“A very timely book for young professionals or anyone trying to find their purpose in the rat race. Take it from someone who's brought herself to the top of the game; Michelle's book may just be the key to achieve your success!”

Berns David Lucanas, author of Time is Up!


“Achieve the impossible by reading A Surge of Possibilities! Do yourself the greatest favor and take Michelle's words to heart as she helps those who are lost, make their way through this adventure we call life. Thanks, Michelle!”

Adeline Heng, author of Doing Good and Doing Well


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