Minal Kaerey

With training in finance and an MBA degree, Minal Kaerey is a senior finance professional with 25 plus years’ experience in corporate finance. She has worked with multinational organizations and the Australian Government sector. Minal has held various positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, and Financial Consultant with companies like American Express, the Brandix Group, and Nickelodeon Australia. She is a “Fellow” member of CPA Australia, CIMA (UK), and CGMA.

Building on her finance background in which she mentored and coached individuals and teams in the corporate finance sector, she added executive/personal coaching to her glittering résumé, specializing in a “holistic approach to finance”. Minal has received training as an accredited coach, as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, and as a neurosemantics (NS)/Meta-NLP practitioner. She also holds a certificate in Digital Marketing and Web Development, specializing in business solutions.

Outside of her corporate career, Minal is also all about fun and play. She loves painting, photography, sailing, traveling, and doing charity work.

About the Book

In a joyful and engaging voice, author Minal Kaerey guides you through the steps to achieving an inspired life. In her book, What If? You Can Break Free, Minal shares lessons from her own life, she offers a vision for how you can become the person you were meant to be. What If? will start you on the road to a purpose-driven life. Turn life’s challenges into a source of growth, and show you how to take responsibility for yourself.

Wherever you are in life, you can make the most out of every single day. Your inner source of guidance - your soul, will help you find the answers you need. When you ask yourself the question “what if?” you quieten your ego and remove judgment from your life, empowering you to face difficult emotions like fear, guilt, and regret.

When you look back on your life one day, will you be able to say that you have lived and enjoyed life to the fullest? Read What If? You Can Break Free and your answer will be “Yes!” 

Learn How...

You can finally break free from limiting beliefs, soar high to reach your true potential and live the life you deserve.

Uncover in These Pages…

BREAK FREE. SOAR HIGH. And be the special ‘YOU’ that you are created to be!

  • Recognize that it’s your life, and you are unique!
  • Know that your journey matters
  • Your ego understood
  • Honour your struggles
  • Take back your power with integrity
  • Deal with difficult emotions
  • Love wholeheartedly and forgive
  • Live a purpose-driven life
  • Create a legacy


“If everyone had a copy of Minal’s book What If? You Can Break Free, Your Pathway to Living The Life You Deserve, the world would be a much better place. Minal does an incredible job of presenting thought-provoking questions for you to ponder, sharing her life experiences, solutions and easily implemented strategies we can all use.

Minal’s book helps you develop strategies to deal with today’s stressful life, providing much-needed direction and compassion that has the potential to help each and every person she comes into contact with. She believes in the power of emitting our love to the rest of the world, and how anyone can be in alignment with your true self (higher power/ Source) and bringing that goodness to our day to day life experiences, Minal introduces the concept of living a joyous life without depending on external factors to bring/buy you happiness, while looking deep within yourself.

Imagine a handbook for coping with the ongoing stresses we encounter throughout our lives, and achieving beyond your dreams...this book is just that! I strongly suggest you allow Minal to be your guide and mentor. You may just be amazed at what happens.”

Chris Dyson, Executive Director and #1 Bestselling author of Target Practice


“What If? You Can Break Free is a profoundly inspiring book with a powerful message to reinforce our inner source of guidance and wisdom. It teaches us to maximize what we have been blessed with to be a beacon to others. An absolute must-read for the avid soul searcher.”

Anna Shilina, author of Business Tango


“What a purposeful life and legacy Minal Kaerey is leading! I love how she challenges the reader to channel courage and truth in facing life’s toughest questions and situations. When you pick up this book, brace yourself for a meaningful, in-depth journey toward self-discovery.”

Sindi Zilwa, author of The Ace Model


“A fearless yet compassionate book, What If? You Can Break Free puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and guides you during the crucial periods of experiencing unpleasant emotions such as fear, unworthiness, and regret. Minal Kaerey shows us that we can truly come out the other end stronger— and with purpose.”

Rondea Wine, bestselling author of Stop the Junk


“This is the kind of book that, when you’re done reading, makes you want to tell everyone you meet how unique and beautiful they are without judgment and reservations. Thank you for this gem, Minal.”

Dr. Nora Anniesha, author of The Reading Comprehension Guru


“While the rest of the world prohibits us from thinking of what-ifs, Minal Kaerey tells us otherwise in this soul-searching breakthrough, and now I can say beyond reasonable doubt that asking ourselves ‘What if...?’ is valid, should be encouraged, and shows us a grander outlook on life than we can ever imagine.”

Dr. Tim Errington, bestselling author of Posture Matters


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