Momir Šarović

Momir Šarović is an entrepreneur, property investor and part time cattle farmer. He came from a very poor background and has turned his life around to become successful. He went from his home country (Bosnia & Herzegovina - former Yugoslavia) to South Africa to try to make a better life, as well as to get away from communists. He did not have any education, did not know the languages or have any idea how he would make a living. Through hard work, determination and lots of planning and dreaming, he has greatly succeeded in life.

About the Book

This book is the autobiography of Momir Šarović. In this book, If I Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It, he describes his own experience on how to create wealth. He gives practical advice and encouragement for any person who is interested in creating wealth and building assets. He proves that this can be done without capital or education (although he believes education is the foundation of a successful life) - therefore it is in the reach of anybody.

This book is his way of leaving a legacy as he would like other people to learn from his experiences on how to create wealth. His hope is to inspire others by the lessons he learned through his life and to prove that if he can do it, anyone can!

Learn How...

• To build wealth through acquiring assets.

Uncover in These Pages…

Secrets on how any person can build wealth.

This book will benefit any person in the process of building wealth through assets.

  • In my view, property is the best investment.
  • Start small. Buy your own residence instead of renting it.
  • Then buy a small residential unit and let it out. A good option is a townhouse unit in a popular complex. Even if you can buy this for cash, don’t. Get a home loan and let the unit. The tenants will effectively pay your home loan repayments.
  • Your property will grow in value, which will increase your creditworthiness.
  • With your increased creditworthiness, you will qualify for further bank finance.
  • Use the bank finance to buy another property. And another, and another...
  • Work out your figures carefully.
  • Make sure your bond applications are approved in writing before you make a move.
  • Above all, study the property market. Talk to trustworthy people with experience. The property market differs from town to town but also from area to area within a town.
  • Don’t make the mistakes I made—sometimes trusting the wrong people and making a move before a promised loan is secured in writing.

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