Nikki Pett

Nikki Pett, author, speaker, passionate trainer and philanthropist entered the world of sales and marketing twelve years ago. Emerged into a “hit and run mentality” training she felt that these marketing techniques just didn’t fit her personality.

Nikki went on to start her own promotional marketing company in 2002 and has built her business solely on personal relationships and referrals. She practices what she preaches, known as the “notecard nut” writing anywhere from 1000 – 2000 personal notes a year. Approaching each relationship with her clients with respect and enthusiasm, Nikki strives to provide concrete and measurable marketing techniques with a vivacious and energetic spirit.

Nikki is passionate about helping her clients grow their association rosters, levels of sponsorship and sales success through relationship marketing plans. Nikki has been recognized within her industry with four prestigious Image Awards for creative marketing campaigns using relationship marketing concepts. Recognizing that the bottom-line is directly related to acquiring, maintaining and fostering relationships, the foundation of Nikki’s business dealings are based on adding value to the customer’s needs and providing concrete ways to help them reach their goals. She aspires to be someone who will have achieved much, and who will have given even more.

About the Book

Why is it that many organizations continuously deplete budgets on traditional forms of mass marketing to capture new leads?

Research clearly proves to us that the secret to increased business success is to retain our existing members, donors and clients. Associations, charities and entrepreneurs can weather the storm of any economy by adding value and creating deep loyalty resulting in increased success by retention and referrals.

Learn How...

Associations, charities and entrepreneurs can stop wasting their budgets on unfocused marketing and dominate their fields by applying the strategies in this book. Relationship marketing is the cornerstone to highly profitable growth; making members, donors or clients so fiercely loyal to your organization that the competition isn’t even a blip on their radar. Find out how to attract, maintain and retain your most profitable contacts to hit record-breaking targets today!

  • What challenges associations, charities and entrepreneurs face and how to conquer them immediately.
  • The difference between simply “saying” and actually “showing” that clients are critical to the foundation of your success.
  • How to set yourself apart from your competition.
  • The secrets that your competition doesn’t want you to know about.
  • Just how easy a dramatic increase in your profits can be.
  • Why traditional marketing just doesn’t work in your field anymore.
  • How technology will never replace personal relationships.
  • Why the best clients don’t care about the money.
  • Success stories from smart relationship marketers.
  • Why the contract is just the beginning of the process that will take your profits to the next level time and time again.
  • How to continually strengthen a mutually beneficial relationship with long-term strategies.


“Nikki teaches and exemplifies what relationship marketing is all about. The techniques she shares in these pages will take your sales to the next level! She offers easy techniques that anyone can start using to connect with their clients in ways their competitors simply won’t. Being able to measure the process she offers has proven that they do indeed work!”

Jennifer Ettinger, best selling author, TV host, and keynote speaker


“As a professional fundraiser for the past 6 years, I’m constantly looking for ways to increase donor dollars while being mindful of operating costs. The relationship marketing strategies in this book are realistic, immediate and measurable! Nikki’s techniques for personal care require minimal resources for maximum impact, a perfect blend for not-for-profits.”

Zein Dhanidina, Development Manager, New Circles Community Services


“Nikki grew her business by 43% during the peak of the recession using the strategies in this book! You’ll benefit from the secrets and strategies she shares on how to build your business in any economy through relationship marketing.”

Bob Gernon, author, speaker, coach


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