Pamela Beeney and Mark McNabb

Pamela Beeney

Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world.

As the only girl, raised in a family where girls became stay at home moms, having perfected the daily household chores by the age seven, Pamela’s grandmother introduced her to the world of needlework. Everywhere Pamela went, ladies offered to purchase her handiwork.

At 19, Pamela purchased her first house. By 25, she was on number four, turning the original $1,000 into nearly $30,000. Single, with two sons just 2 and half years old and four years old, it took Pamela until age 30 to go after and acquire a real estate sales license.

Pamela's business became about how anybody could own real estate. By asking questions regarding the wants, needs, desires of the client, Pamela sought to improve her approach to be their real estate 'go to broker' by being a student of the people.

By teaching others how to see investment opportunities through fixing, improving, building and exchanging real property, her knowledge grew. Adapting her approach to city regulators, planners, architects, design engineers, structural engineers, permit inspectors, contractors, marketing, tenant procurement and management became her everyday fun.With her take action personality, one client turned his first $10,000 investment into purchasing and retaining 27 properties conservative.

Mark McNabb

Growing up in a Southern California beach town, Mark’s free time was dominated by little league, camping, fishing, and surfing. Before pleasure, there was always the business of assisting moms with numerous real estate investments and business clients. Experience gained along the way included property management, plumbing, electrical, light carpentry, painting and general handy work.

Mark’s love of the ocean led him to explore an ocean-related career. After completing all courses at the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship, the largest boatman training center in the United States, Mark was welcomed into the International Seafarer’s Union, where he maintained active ship crew status for 5+ years, mainly working with propulsion steam D type boilers and B & W Mann diesel engines. 

Although traveling to multiple ports on several continents was an amazing adventure, Mark discovered that the prolonged union assignments ultimately made him homesick. As an alternative to homesickness, Mark entered Harbor Occupational Center, the highest rated local technical electrician school. Mark learned to plan/wire new buildings along with troubleshooting existing systems. 

When Mark’s mom, Pamela, happened upon a rare opportunity to purchase a commercial/apartment building complete with an established beer/wine bar, they both jumped at the opportunity to manage and run the bar business themselves as the owner was retiring. After additionally qualifying and receiving an entertainment license, live bands, quarter pool, and two dollar Pabst pints were the rage six days a week. On a family visit to Florida, Mark and Pamela subsequently decided to relocate. 

Mark’s people skills, vast systems knowledge, talents of property maintenance, add unique value to supporting and sustaining the relocation, permanent housing and temporary corporate housing business of over 30 condos and homes for absentee owners. Along with international travel, the combination of Mark’s work/life experience was a major asset in the writing of Rule Your World.

About the Book

Are you frustrated?

Does your life feel hectic?

Do you ever lose direction falling short of your goals?

Occasionally, are you ever confused?

What if you could eliminate the anxious, impatient, random effectiveness that permeates your life?

Rule Your World is the solid handbook for self-mastery that teaches and guides you to reset your mind, ending frustration, confusion and random results. You will discover how to bring your wants, needs and desires to fruition. Put an end to your personal roller coaster life! Reset your mind and improve yourself with Rule Your World clear, sustaining resolutions. Get started today.

Learn How…

  • Increase the effectiveness of your mind to benefit dominate subjects of your daily life.
  • Influence your mental focus regarding your future, family, friends, relationships, desire, and wishes.
  • With a freshly expanded, new mindset, become inspired by the facts you believe, increasing your contentment.

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

Rule Your World will daily energize, clarify, reinforce and support your best possible personal experience as you journey through life.

  • Master yourself.
  • Train your brain.
  • Shape your habit.
  • Expand focus.
  • Hone relationships.
  • Keep watch on your progress.
  • Increase performance through confidence.
  • Sharpen yourself.
  • Be inspired.
  • Live in gratitude.

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