Pamela Gattellari

After being diagnosed as osteopenic over a five-year period, Pamela Gattellari followed the standard medical advice to eat three daily servings of dairy, take Vitamin D, and get plenty of exercise. As much as she stuck to her doctor’s orders, that advice only led to a fracture in her spine, a loss of one centimetre in height and a diagnosis of osteoporosis, then presented as an incurable condition that necessitated an immediate recourse to drugs.

What the medical industry failed to tell Pamela—and fails to tell most—is that typical medical treatments for osteoporosis offer no guarantees and most are highly experimental at best. Pamela had always been an extremely healthy, active woman, so she experienced a wave of crushing fear when she read that her bones could now snap like twigs, that she might be confined to the indoors, and suffer a total loss of independence.

Not only that, but there was the increased probability of early death due to hip fracture. Quite shocking were the numerous side effects of the prescribed bisphosphonates, which included spontaneous breakage of the thigh bone and irreversible bone death of the jaw.Stunned and astounded to find herself confronting that grim osteoporosis diagnosis, Pamela immediately recognized that the medical advice she had followed was totally incorrect and insufficient.

Nevertheless, her personal research initially yielded no solutions, so it seemed she was stuck on a one-way street to a life of isolation and drugs with all their potentially horrific side effects. However, then Pamela came across a single sentence on a chat forum: “I regained my bone by following the principles in this book,” a woman wrote. 

This book analyzed and compared the results and conclusions of all known, worldwide osteoporotic research studies that had been done up to that time.

Two-thirds of the studies done on dairy and calcium confirmed that their consumption did not halt osteoporosis or grow bone. However, there was clear evidence that a drug-free alternative existed. Sadly, although the research has been available for over 40 years, it remains largely unacknowledged by mainstream doctors and health organizations to this day.

Inspired with a renewed hope, Pamela launched herself fully into the study of osteoporosis and all the latest research. She also faithfully followed the required dietary changes to completely halt her bone loss, thus avoiding further bone collapse. However, she also didn’t grow any new bone over those two years. She continued her research to find a missing link. Once this was in place, bone growth ensued and

Pamela finally understood the mechanism by which some people could chance on a bone building diet, while others who appeared to eat similarly would continue to develop osteoporosis.

Now, it is her wish to alert others to this natural method, in the hopes that they can also avoid osteoporosis or halt its onslaught without further endangering health or reducing quality of life.Pamela remained in constant discourse with her supportive doctor throughout the time she engaged on this mission and would advise others to do the same. Pamela has overcome an obstacle that many face and she strives to share what she has learned, so others can regain the hope, health and happiness they have lost along the frustrating and devastating road of bone loss.

About the Book

Fear occupies the minds of those diagnosed with osteoporosis: Fear for the future, deformity, falling, pain, dependence, being stuck indoors, and the threat of early death.Most professionals see drugs as the only recourse, even though drug intervention offers no guarantee of prevention.

The claim of increased bone density has failed to be validated by an accompanying reduction in bone fracture. Furthermore, all come with an array of unpleasant side effects. Some are very serious and irreversible, such as spontaneous fracture of the thigh bone, bone death of the jaw, and ongoing dental problems.

The good news is that there is a drug-free alternative, and it is sitting right there on your plate! Simple dietary changes can stop the progress of osteoporosis and allow new bone to grow.

This book will show you how to achieve the often elusive but necessary dietary balance required to do this.The current recommended guidelines to avoid osteoporosis do not halt its development. Bone health requires the right balance of nutrients, regularly delivered to living tissues in the right way, to maintain strength and flexibility.

Adopting the principles outlined in The Osteoporosis Cure Is on Your Plate! is your chance to naturally regain bone health. Osteoporosis advances slowly, so you have the opportunity to make changes now to improve your future. Just six months to a year of following this natural diet will allow you to see a turnaround. Better yet, there are no risks and no side effects!In the end, your healthcare is your own choice. The medical treatments available do not cure osteoporosis, but create new problems instead. Modifying the foods you eat every day for better bone health is certainly a better choice. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Learn How To...

Take control of your own bone health, without drugs and their damaging side effects.

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Drugs and side effects are not mandatory. You can improve your bone health in an easier, more natural way.

  • Learn the pathway to rediscover and retain your independence and quality of life.
  • Turn around a diagnosis of osteopenia.
  • Choose a natural, drug-free pathway.
  • Dodge the pain and the insidious side-effects of drugs.
  • Make the dietary changes that strengthen and build bones.
  • Successfully replace drugs with the nutrients found in healthful, natural foods.
  • Follow a successful plan to get started.
  • Employ proven exercise techniques to build bone.
  • Boost general health and wellness.
  • Prevent and reverse other common debilitating diseases.
  • Save money.
  • Investigate additional resources to learn more about your health options.

An easy, natural way to avoid the onslaught of osteoporosis and the dreadful side effects of drug treatments. An authentic and simple program to avoid the onslaught of osteoporosis and the dreadful side effects of drug treatments.


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