Peng Joon

Peng Joon was raised in a conservative Asian middle class family where money was always tight despite the fact that his father worked 7 days a week. Following a gaming addiction that nearly caused him to flunk out of university, he returned to reality with a 6-figure debt that he owed for his conditional scholarship. Trapped in a dead-end job, Peng Joon turned to the Internet to learn how to make money online.

Within 2 years he made his first million online. Peng Joon is ranked as one of the top 100 vendors in the world’s largest digital marketplace – Clickbank. He has single-handedly made a name for himself and is known within his industry as an authority in internet marketing.

His multiple best-selling products include endorsements and partnerships with the world’s top thought-leaders and marketers, and have enabled thousands of people to create a passive income for themselves using the Internet.

A world-class speaker, Peng Joon’s 3-day signature seminar Internet Income Intensive is a comprehensive step-by-step workshop that shows students how to set up their own Internet business and start making money online. The training he provides has given people across the globe the tools, skills and knowledge to turn their passion into profit.

Peng Joon has been featured in numerous national publications including SME, The Star, and The New Straits Times. A visionary and innovator, he is dedicated to empowering individuals by showing them how to make money online through their passions.


About the Book

There are so many people struggling to make ends meet despite the fact that they work non-stop, giving everything they have to a job they don’t even like. And the reason for this is that they are unable to build a money machine of their own. A vehicle that will set their income rolling on autopilot, bringing in passive profits through the largest growing medium in the world – the Internet.

Learn How…

You can automate your income doing something you love from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and Internet connection. Take control of your life and profit through your passion with a proven system that generates passive earnings for you.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

How to make a passive income online and be financially free.

Get paid to live your passion and share your knowledge with others.

  • Tap into the infinite cash stream of the Internet from the comfort of your home
  • Gain access to the 5-step system that generates a passive online income
  • Make money anywhere in the world with just a laptop and Internet connection
  • Be financially free doing the things you love
  • Be your own boss and pay yourself what you deserve
  • Attract more money in your life and multiply it many times over by following a simple blueprint
  • Create multiple sources of income through the Internet
  • Set yourself up for success by avoiding all the common mistakes beginners make
  • Become an authority and brand in your own right and have people come to you
  • Generate an income through your interests, hobbies and passion
  • Build an online empire by getting other people to do the work for you.


“Build A Money Machine is the kick you need to put your dreams into practice and start earning an income through the Internet. If you’re not building your online empire by the time you finish reading this book, then you need to go back and read it again!” 

– Max Sia, Author of The Max Factor


"If you want your wildest fantasy to finally be a reality, read this book now!"

Angelina Chng, author of Crash Course in Making it Big (This Year)


“This book is the solution for anyone looking to generate an income online because Peng Joon shows you that all you need to make good money is a laptop and Internet connection. No more excuses!” 

– Daniel Hanzelka, Author of Financial Reset


"The world is changing and the traditional methods of making money are becoming redundant. Old business models simply aren’t making the cut anymore. If you want to be part of the new way to get rich then you need to read this book! It’s going to make you question everything you thought you knew."

-Itay Avni, author of The BIG Payoff




"Amazing and stunning. Whether you’re working for someone else or the CEO of your own company, this book will show you how to take things to a whole new level and generate a fully passive income for years to come."

Comet Tho Wai Heng, author of Comet Money Matters


"Visualize your current income. Now add three zeros to the end of that figure. That’s what this book is going to do for you."

- James Tan, author of Your Cash Moves


"Peng Joon is the perfect case study that proves making money online is real and easily attainable as long as you follow his exact steps. He’s living the dream and now he’s showing us how we can too!"

- Stanley Beckett, author of LIFTOFF


"Build A Money Machine is the revolutionary way to solve the ever-present problem... How to work smart so we can live in financial freedom, rather than living to work. Peng Joon shows us the infinite options the Internet presents so that absolutely anyone can start making money online."

- Zheng Libin, Author ofWealthy Women


"This is your personal blueprint to live your life the way you want to, not on anybody else’s terms."

- Adeline Heng, author of Doing Good and Doing Well


"Not only is Peng Joon giving away his proven system for you to use, he also provides tons of templates and training videos for free that you simply have to take advantage of. It’s everything you could possible ask for in a book and more."

Blair Mills, author of A Shot In The Wallet (8 Steps to Getting Your Millionaire Lifestyle)


"This book is a game changer. Highly recommended at anyone looking to double their income in half the time and effort!"

-Nathaddeus Tan, author of The Success Gene


“In Build A Money Machine, Peng Joon gives away his secret system to generating cash. All you have to do is follow his steps and you will be successful.” 

– Hannah Redman, Author of The Career Road (How to Find Your Way After High School)


"This valuable guide will show you how to transform your passion into profit so you can create wealth doing something you actually enjoy! No more 9-5 job behind a desk working for someone else. Build A Money Machine is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and start making money online in the easiest, fastest way."

- Guy Bowden, author of Gain Without Pain /Growing Smartly Learning from the Best



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