Rina Shinn, MD

Dr. Rina Shinn earned her bachelor’s degree at Harvard College with honors and received a medical degree from the University of Illinois.

She has been practicing general surgery in Pueblo, Colorado since 1997. She has expanded her practice to incorporate functional medicine and cosmetic surgeries and procedures since 2009.

Due to her own experience with chronic hip pain, Dr. Shinn studied current pain management modalities and developed Instant Pain Ease from these techniques, hoping to disseminate this effective pain elimination modality to the general public.

Dr. Shinn is the medical director of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery and Spa in Pueblo, Colorado.For more information on this book, visit www.instantpainease.com.

About the Book

Pain is a necessary method of communication that our bodies use to pinpoint problems to our brains. But oftentimes, that pain cannot be dealt with and we live with it constantly, completely unaware that curing that pain is well within reach, even for those not in the medical profession.

Dr. Rina Shinn outlines her simple method of blocking the pain signals plaguing our bodies by locating what are called “trigger points” and applying pressure at specific points. Instant Pain Ease will show everyone how to greatly reduce or completely eliminate certain types of pain, and as she shows with real-life examples of patients she has treated with this method, the results can be life-changing. Her method is so simple that even her teenage son was able to learn how to utilize it. Dr. Shinn’s book will teach you how to stop relying on medication to get through the day and allow you to live your life to the fullest.


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