Roger D. Paschal

Roger was raised on a 4,000-acre cattle ranch in central Texas where the Chisholm trail crossed the Brazos river.

Roger and his brother started an auto parts distribution and manufacturing business out of their garage when he was only 16 years old. The business grew to 5 locations in 4 states and was one of the fastest growing exporters in north Texas in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Many years ago, Roger was encouraged by his clients to start mentoring and training. Finally, in 2018, Roger and his partners started Impact REI Training, a full service company that trains the trainers from starting up an investment group as well as a full service mentoring program that train others around the world. Impact has continued to grow and impact the lives of many Investors.

He teaches this technique to many REI groups and on a one on one mentoring program to many investors. As a result, he has helped many investors buy hundreds, if not thousands of properties throughout the United States.

Roger teaches his technique through humor and facts. His primary goals are to help the investor understand each step of the process, teach his students to discover their strengths and make them better investors.

About the Book

What is Subject 2?

Subject 2 is acquiring real property using the existing mortgage in place, in which the buyer takes the title or a deed to a mortgaged piece of property, but does not have their name on the mortgage.

This strategy is one of the most sought after techniques used by real estate investors and Roger goes into detail on how to do this the right way. With the techniques in this book, you can help people when they can no longer afford their property or do not have enough equity to list and sell with a real estate company. At the same time, you can build your wealth and legacy.

Learn How...

You can open up a new world in your real estate investing career. Ultimately, you can afford to acquire a property with less equity because there is no down payment and the closing costs are much lower. This technique can be very rewarding because with the right information, you can market yourself, learn the "why" of the seller and maintain the right relationship with mortgage and insurance companies. Without the correct strategies, it can be very difficult to deal with all the parties involved.

Uncover in These Pages…

How not to lose money because of lack of knowledge. Strategies to build your portfolio in record time!

  • How to find properties
  • Why would someone be motivated to walk away from their equity?
  • How to let them know you are going to solve their problem
  • How to build common ground, build rapport
  • What open ended questions to ask to find their why
  • What to say to get them to make at least one more payment
  • What documents and information you will need to get from the seller
  • How to work with the mortgage company
  • How to structure the property insurance
  • Exit strategies that you will need to know
  • How to determine your cost to acquire the property
  • What is the due on sale clause and how do you work with this
  • When does the deal make sense
  • How to structure the deal

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