Rosemarie van der Ham

Rosemarie van der Ham has been an entrepreneur for many years. After a career in the fashion business as a saleswoman and buyer, she stepped into her husband’s struggling family business. Within five years she helped the company come back from the brink, all while becoming a mother to three young children. But whist the company — an estate with apple orchids, party venues, and an organic shop — continued to grow and thrive, the marriage suffered.

In 2010, Rosemarie decided to follow her path and to get a divorce. Helping to lead a company whilst also running a large household had made for a fulfilling life, but after her divorce, she chose a new professional direction. As a working author, speaker, and consultant, Rosemarie began to experience a new kind of fulfillment.

A part of the revenue of this book is used to help women in financial need during times of divorce.

What inspired her to write this book:

By writing The Bright Side of Divorce, I was able to frame and process an important period in my life. I hope to help, inspire, or to encourage my readers by telling my story’. – Rosemarie van der Ham.

About the Book

Rosemarie shares part of her life story with her readers – she talks about rebuilding her partners family estate business, while at the same time having to balance her family life, being the spindle of a big family and the mother of three children.

Learn How To...

  • To prepare for and outride divorce.
  • To find ways to organise your support.
  • Beneficial ways to handle stress.
  • Learn how much divorce can cost you, and how much you stand to gain.

Uncover in These Pages...

  • What preparations you can make.
  • Discover what you can expect in a divorce.
  • How to organise your support.
  • How to handle stress.
  • How to endure to the last moment.
  • How to continue in love and respect.

In The Bright Side of Divorce, you’ll not only discover what divorce can cost you but also what you can gain from it – vital lessons in life. You’ll also find tips for moving on - with love and respect.


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