Ryan Wagner

Wagner started training in Tang Soo Do at the early age of 7 years old. He learned many fantastic principles mastering the art for over 20 years. He used them to win gold in various martial arts competitions and travel the planet becoming a world class champion competitive Bboy(breakdancer). He then went on to open his own martial arts school which has become a top performing school in the USA.

Mr. Wagner still loves to teach the physical aspects of the martial arts, however, he finds tremendous joy in coaching owners and top instructors to take their school, students, and personal life to the next level. He also coaches some of the planets best breakdancers to help them to win competitions at an international level. You can see this through various black belts, breakdancers, and business owners he has coached.

He is best known for the passion he has in seeing people believe in themselves and succeed in whatever they choose to dedicate their lives to.

About the Book

Many people, especially the younger generations of today, do not have the confidence or the know how to bring to fruition the things they want most. Most of them don't even know what they want! In this book, through fantastic stories and a deeper understanding of how bringing your thoughts to life, you'll learn what’s holding you back and the principles and steps to get you on the path you deserve.

Learn How To...

You'll have the opportunity to learn, through stories and practical steps, how you make a conscious decision to be your best and start to do everything with that level of excellence.

In the Pages You Will Uncover...

Figure out and start putting your stamp of excellence in whatever you're doing in life.

  • Thinking is a beautiful thing, however, if you act, you'll win.
  • You've likely known what you wanted since you were a kid.
  • In order to be successful in life, you have to become aware of the poison you may be surrounding yourself with.
  • Integrity is the virtue that all other virtues stand upon, it must be cultivated.
  • Keep your eye on the end results that will diminish the sh*t that always tries to jump in the way.
  • Being organized and keeping things simple makes it easy for the mind to help you get it done faster. 
  • Everyone great has pushed through adversity. 
  • A humble attitude will always allow you to level up.
  • When we stop learning, we start dying. 
  • All that matters is how you decide to make it work for you.


“If you can think it, you can achieve it. However, you have to act on it for you to win, score big time, and attain great things. Ryan Wagner's brilliance and influence will be a catalyst for you to venture into new things that you've been longing to do, and become the successful person that you want to be.”

Aquiles D. Tan Jr., author of My Second Chance


“Do not be fooled by this book's simple message. What You Think, You Become! embodies the principle of how to make the best version of yourself, and in turn, make the world a little bit better. It's simply amazing!”

Jessica Gill, author of Damsel In Excess


“Ryan Wagner is the personification of discipline, integrity, and resilience all rolled into one — and these are reflected in his book. He lives and breathes martial arts but goes out of his comfort zone to try other things. Despite the challenges he faces, he is able to overcome all adversities and succeed. Learn his secrets, read this book!”

Adv. Mary Bosiu, author of Success Fundamentals


“This book shares the principles to master a regimen that Ryan Wagner has learned early on in his life, in a straightforward, yet compelling way that everyone can relate to. His passion has turned into a vision to help people believe in themselves to succeed. Job well done, Ryan!”

Cynthia Davis, author of In Search of Wisdom



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