Samantha Damm

Samantha Damm is known for her captivating energy and jovial presence. She expresses compassion and kindness toward everyone she serves. Her professional, management and administrative skills have earned her a variety of awards. She’s most proud of her recognition in saving a Fortune 500 Company millions of dollars as a result of her innovative cost improvement solutions. She is resourceful, meticulous and a highly creative pioneer.

Samantha feels her best accomplishment is that of being a mother. As a single parent, she homeschooled her daughters, cared for her mother with Alzheimer's while suffering from serious health issues. As a result, she has a deeper empathy and understanding toward others.

She worked for private, local, and government care agencies. Feeling compelled to provide better care, she launched her business Care to Inspire. She provided continued care for several families based only on referrals over seven years. Many refer to Samantha as “Sam Damm,” and she welcomes the jests about her last name, as it makes a good conversation starter, which suits her as a natural born chatterbox. Some clients lovingly call her the “Damm Good Caregiver” as they speak highly of her skills as a competent, trustworthy, and devoted caregiver.

Samantha speaks from experience when promoting self-care as she fully understands the diverse aspects of it. As an example of her creativity, she decided to transition from hands-on-caregiving to writing this book in hopes to help more people with the challenges of everyday care. Many have suggested she share her insights on a larger scale as a result of the help they received and by watching how she benefited so many others. Caregivers need support more than ever, and Samantha feels her book can help them succeed. She is a delightful advocate and spokesperson for those giving and receiving care.

Sam lives in Central Oregon with her daughter Sabryna. She frequently visits her other daughter Tabitha, near Portland, Oregon, where she lived most of her life. They enjoy activities together such as taking part in the Foodie Culture, traveling, and photography.

About the Book

Caregivers are overworked and often feel abandoned which leads them to burn out. They are silent saints sacrificing endlessly for others with very little help. With the coming shortage of caregivers and the projected increase in Alzheimer’s patients, we must equip our caregivers. Another glass of wine may help, but it's not the answer. Redefining Caregiving book can help clarify the confusion associated with caregiving and offer hope to thousands of people faced with managing the care of a loved one. It’s an invaluable handbook of proven strategies to tackle caregiver's obstacles and motivating tips to make life easier.

Being a caregiver doesn't mean to be a savior. It means to be a helper, and it requires a skill set most people need to learn. No one receives a reward for sacrificing his or her life in the process of caregiving. Self-care plays a vital role in the outcome of your experience and in the quality of care you provide. Caregivers can learn to recognize when, where and how to ask for help. Being productive and efficient are keys to surviving as a caregiver and this book is a problem solver for caregivers, because it teaches how.

This book teaches the importance of your focus. How do you feel about your life? What seems to be your focus during the day? What drives you to move forward every day? What can you do to change your circumstances? Life has ups and downs, and your thoughts are very capable of fooling you into assuming others have it better. Learn to develop a plan based on your needs and set sensible goals for the present and future. Letting go of what isn't serving you can make room for what can. Goals remind you to keep up your life, as a caregiver so that you can achieve both. To dispel the notion life is passing you by is to stop comparing yourself to others and their success. The speed you propel toward them may not be in your control but staying on course is. How do you want to feel about how you experienced today, in the future? Holding your breath till your caregiving obligations are over, makes you feel like a victim. Overcomers are not victims of circumstances. Caregiving is a natural part of life, that affects everyone eventually. You may be surprised at the benefit caregiving has for your future and you define the value you place on it.

This book challenges negative stigmas around caregiving and promotes a more pleasant experience for caregivers. Don't let the uncertainty of caregiving rob you of how rewarding it is. Redefine what caregiving is to you as you learn how to meet your own needs too. It's possible to live a tremendously satisfying life, as a caregiver. Place more value on yourself, because what you provide is "time" which is highly cherished. Don't give it all away. Save some for yourself and discover when you are intentional about doing what's right for you, everything in your life improves.

Learn How...

  • Minimize, Organize and Prioritize
  • Customize a care plan that considers meeting your needs too
  • Use proven methods and resources to recruit the help you need
  • Create a healthier life without painful sacrifices
  • Use technology to better the lives of those needing care
  • Uncover what causes your fatigue and how to stop it
  • Why diet, dictating and doing it all don’t work
  • Put an end to all the medical mania with a simple tool
  • Become your cheerleader and stop doubting your care
  • Things your mom should have taught you about caregiving
  • Build a dream team you can count on.

Uncover in These Pages...

  • Secret myths surrounding caregiving
  • Shocking truths about the toll caregiving can take on your health
  • Facts to know about reporting abuse and protecting your loved ones
  • Success stories from single parents to sandwich caregivers
  • What everyone ought to know about protecting their loved ones and themselves
  • Tricks of the trade and transforming tips
  • That words matter when it comes to diapers and parenting your parents
  • How to deal with bad attitudes
  • The importance of taking breaks and scheduling your “Happy Hour”

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