Sandy Yong

Sandy Yong completed her business degree in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After graduation, she started her professional career and started saving her hard-earned money. She decided to invest her money in mutual funds as recommended by her financial advisor at one of the big banks.

Unbeknownst to her, these mutual funds were high-risk and had high hidden fees. Not too long after, she lost money and was upset that she lost thousands of dollars with the bumpy roller coaster ride of the stock market. It was a tough lesson to learn, but she decided to take her money matters into her own hands and became a self-taught DIY investor. She has read and studied dozens of personal finance books over the past 10 years. She shares the same investing philosophies by the world's wealthiest, including Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Tony Robbins.

Sandy has earned a 5-figure interest on a 7-figure portfolio and owns several income properties within Ontario. In addition, as an entrepreneur, she has run her own internet marketing and beauty blogging business. As a professional speaker and Toastmaster, she has educated working professionals on how to invest in the stock market and in real estate. 

She simplifies the world of investing which, to many people, seems to be a confusing and complicated system. She understands it may be intimidating to talk about money, but she wants to break that barrier and open up discussions so that people feel confident to overcome their fears about investing and take action to achieve their financial goals. She wants to inspire individuals to become self-made millionaires and realize that they can achieve financial security. She also has a passion for helping women's organizations and empower young professionals to become financially secure.

Sandy has been an avid DIY Investor for the past 10 years. She took her financial matters into her own hands when she lost money in mutual funds recommended by a financial advisor at a big bank. She decided to become a self-taught financial and real estate investor. She also has experience running her own internet marketing business. With her passion for personal finance, combined with her public speaking skills, she's the author of an upcoming book called The Money Master: Inside Secrets on How to Make Your Money Grow and Stay Safe; What They Don't Teach You about Wealth and Investing. She speaks on this topic at numerous workshops and conferences.

About the Book

In today's society where living costs are soaring and housing prices are skyrocketing, it's becoming challenging to keep up with living expenses, let alone save up for a nice vacation or even retirement. It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and intimidated with managing your money.

The Money Master teaches a step-by-step plan on how individuals can overcome their fears and failures and get back on track to achieve financial success. With these tools, you can take control of your financial future and live the life you deserve!

Learn How To...

Deal with feelings of intimidation, embarrassment, and being overwhelmed when managing your money. The Money Master will show you how you can improve your financial situation by using various strategies on investing. Whether you are interested in becoming a real estate guru, earn money in the stock market or start your own business, this book shows you a powerful system to achieve your financial goals.

Uncover in These Pages...

By reading The Money Master, you will learn strategies to start investing TODAY and earn MULTIPLE streams of income in a smart and safe way!

  • Train your brain to have a millionaire mindset.
  • Develop healthy and wealthy habits.
  • Balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s wants.
  • Find out what women have never been told about financial advice. Take control of your financial future and get the lifestyle you deserve.
  • Create your own financial portfolio and have money work for you.
  • Earn money in real estate.
  • Be your own boss by starting your own business.
  • Identify what business you should start or invest in.
  • Get words of wisdom from the world’s wealthiest.

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