Sheila Deb and Chandra Deb-Fox

Sheila Deb

Sheila Deb is a teacher and massage therapist, but more importantly she is a single mother raising her teenage daughter, Chandra. She currently lives and works in the Niagara region and has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Adult Education and a Bachelor of Education. She has knowledge and skills in teaching a variety of age groups, in subjects ranging from English as a Second Language to fitness classes. She wanted to write the book for two reasons. First, she always wanted to write a book. Second, she thought what a better way to spend time with her daughter by creating a tool that can help them as well as other parents and teens develop an open relationship.

Chandra Deb-Fox

Chandra Deb-Fox is an Honour Roll student and has won awards for Leadership and Citizenship. She is currently the editor of the yearbook at her high school. As an animal activist, Chandra represented her school at the regionals public speaking competition by delivering a passionate speech on the unethical treatment of animals in the cosmetic industry. Chandra decided to co-author this book together with her mom because she has an open relationship with her and is passionate about sharing this with her peers. She loves swimming, playing the piano and singing.


About the Book

Knowing how to talk with your tweens and teenagers can be difficult. When should open communication start with your child? How do you get them to be open and talk to you? And how can you help them and keep them safe, whilst allowing them to learn from their own experiences?

Learn How...

To talk with your tweens and teenagers. When is the right time to talk, what they need to hear from you, how to have meaningful conversations and how to be a part of their world by letting them grow up!

In These Pages You Will Uncover...

Tools that can help you open a line of communication with your tweens and teens.

Grow Together through Clear Communication

  • The five mistakes that parents make
  • Is there such a thing as a ‘good fight’?
  • Why do we fight with our tweens and teens?
  • Being open and honest
  • It’s never too late to start communicating
  • When does your teen want or like to talk to you?
  • Raising difficult topics
  • Hot Topics – suicide, bullying, self- harming
  • “The talk” is not a one-time conversation
  • Open communication starts from the first day of school


"If you could read only one book on parent and teen relationships, To Fight or Not to Fight is the one to choose!"

-Nicole Normand, author of Why Not You?


“As a how-to guide for parent/teen relationships, this book contains everything you need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies any parent can use to overcome the key fears associated with raising teens!” 

Meor Amer Reza, author of The Greatest Gift


"To Fight or Not to Fight is NOT about how to raise your teens. It is about giving parents the tools to help them establish an open line of communication with their children, and growing together through clear communication. If you want to stop fighting with your teen and start having a more effective and more rewarding relationship with them, then this is the book for you!"

-Kenneth Low, author of Family Legacy



"Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for having a great relationship with your teenager that simply work. A fantastic book!"

-James Tong, author of Ignite


"A powerful, practical and solid advice on building a great relationship with your teenager. A must read for both parents and kids!"

-Adeline Heng, author of Doing Good andDoing Well



"Anyone who’s ever wanted to be able to communicate confidently with their teen can benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book."

-John A. Akaatenger, author of The Spark


"So many parents fail to have the kind of relationship with their teenager that they truly want. Reading the tips in this book will help any parent overcome the negative communication issues. To Fight or Not to Fight will show parents how to use a few simple tools to open lines of communication with their teens."

-Teo Chang Wee, author of Parenting 2.0


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