Sindi Zilwa

Sindi Zilwa has enjoyed some outstanding achievements in her time; qualifying as the second black woman to become a Chartered Accountant in South Africa in 1990 at the age of 23, to becoming co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Nkonki, one of the country’s leading indigenous firms of Chartered Accountants, since 1993.

With more than twenty years experience in the Auditing Profession, Sindi has also been a Professional Director, an Audit Committee member, and sometimes Chair of Audit Committees for more than eighteen years. Sindi‘s Audit Committee experience includes Listed Companies, Regulated Companies and State Owned Companies spread across a variety of industries including Aviation, Cell Captive Insurance, Health, Insurance, Information Technology, Investment Holding Companies, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Mutual Banking, Pharmacare, Private Equity, Property, Retail and Telecommunications.

She has also had exposure to numerous Audit Committees of her firm’s clients operating in industries that include Airline, Asset Management, Development Banking, Educational Institutions, Finance Companies, Investment Holding Companies, Life and Short term Insurance, Merchant Banking, Pension Funds, Property, Public Sector, Regulatory Companies, Securities Exchange and Telecommunications.

Amongst her numerous awards in 1998, at the age of 31, Sindi Zilwa was the youngest winner of the Business Woman of the Year Title in South Africa.

In 2005 she was awarded the Eastern Cape Achiever Award in the Finance Category, publicly awarding it to her mother Mambhele as she turned eighty. In recognition that her success was owed to her and she did not want her to remain an unsung hero.

In 2008 Sindi received a Woman of Substance Award by the African Women Chartered Accountant’s Forum.

In 2011, under her leadership, Nkonki launched an Annual Audit Committee Conference in South Africa. This was followed by Audit Committee Seminars, and the recent launching of an Audit Committee Support Centre – a virtual world for Audit Committee members.

Sindi is married to Sva an Attorney and they have been blessed with two daughters Liza and Lihle.

About the Book

Are the overwhelming demands and expectations relating to effectiveness of Audit Committees and their member’s proving too much? The ACE Model can ensure that Audit Committee members can develop, enhance or sharpen their effectiveness!

Learn How…

The ACE (Audit Committee Effectiveness) Model creates a unique packaged approach towards Effectiveness for Audit Committees through the 4 ACE phases every Audit Committee member has to understand and apply.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

How the Nkonki ACE Model is the Winning Formula for achieving Audit Committee Effectiveness. Achieve maximum effectiveness and apply best practice as an Audit Committee member.

Learn about the 4 ACE phases namely:

ACE 1 Knowledge – which covers

  • Your Fiduciary Role as an Audit Committee member;
  • The Business of which you are an Audit Committee member of;
  • The Industry in which your Company operates;
  • Up-to-date knowledge and trends; and
  • The 8 basic steps to Thorough Preparation

ACE 2 Participation – which covers

  • Listening and Interrogating issues;
  • Validating and Contextualizing issues;
  • Keeping alert to Red Flags;
  • Following through on issues raised; and
  • Guidance and Resourcefulness in meetings

ACE 3 Monitoring – which covers monitoring of:

  • The Finance Function;
  • The External Audit Function;
  • The Internal Audit Function;
  • The Risk Management Function; and
  • Regulatory Compliance

ACE 4 Impact Measurement which covers:

  • The Audit Committee Stakeholders;
  • The Business;
  • The Value Add;
  • The Combined Assurance; and
  • The Greater Governance


“I take my hat to Sindi Zilwa for designing The ACE Model, it will have a global impact.” 

Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset


“I read this book with intense curiosity and have been amazed at how The ACE Model captures what every Audit Committee member can do to become effective.” 

Max Sia, author of The MAX Factor


“The ACE Model is an exceptional book that consolidates the practical approach necessary for Audit Committee members than any other book or article I have ever read.” 

–Jean-Guy Francoeur, author of Messy Manager




"I have been enriched by what The ACE Model presents; transforming Audit Committee members to Effective Audit Committee members."

Gary Fleming, author of Forget The Den


"At last, the overwhelming demands for Audit Committee Effectiveness are now accompanied by a winning tool, The ACE Model! A must for all members!"

Kenneth Low, author of Family Legacy


"The ACE Model provides us with fundamentals for effectiveness, Sindi Zilwa has mastered that, buy this book but most importantly read it and apply it."

Patsy Chia, author of Retirement Reset


"This is a must-read for every Audit Committee member who wants guaranteed effectiveness."

James Tan, author of Your Cash Moves


"The 4 ACE phases introduced in this book are just what every Audit Committee should embrace. Sindi Zilwa should be proud!"

Nathaddeus Tan, author of The Success Gene


"I always thought preparation for meetings was just that! The way The ACE Model unpacks the 8 basic steps for Thorough Preparation is such an eye opener."

Peter Cher, author of Pull


"Sindi Zilwa has published the most powerful, insightful practical book and guide that has been missing in the Audit Committee space, don’t miss out."

Adeline Heng, author of Doing Good and Doing Well



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