Sreedhar Vedula

In his Standard 8 on March 27, 1981, Sreedhar Vedula did quite poorly on his mathematics exam. When the results were announced on May 20, he learned that he scored less than 60 percent in all subjects and 38 percent in math specifically, just 4 percent above failing. This thought sent him into a fit of tears.

After recovering from the initial shock, Sreedhar had to think about his poor performance. He had always been a good student, till Standard 7. He could not fathom why that changed. Instead of blaming the system, the teachers, and his parents, he decided there were three main reasons:

  1. Tough Syllabus: For Standard 8, the syllabus became much more intense and tougher, and he simply could not complete it prior to examinations.
  2. No Support from Parents: His parents, who had always guided him well in all subjects, suddenly stopped because they found the subjects too difficult themselves.
  3. Distraction: Other things became more interesting than attending classes, and he lost his concentration on his schoolwork.

Sreedhar Vedula then slowly started experimenting on himself and tried to find methods to improve his performance. He made a lot of mistakes in the process but somehow managed to keep going. After much trial and error, he came up with a few techniques to improve his study methods. When he applied those, his Standard 9 math exam showed marked improvement from 38 to 80 percent, and he received 65 and 80 percent in other subjects as well.

He straightaway continued his experiments on himself and was soon able to earn 90 percent in math and 71 to 84 percent in other areas during Standard 10. In his further studies, he continued employing those methods, and he also shared them with his friends and junior classmates, helping them to achieve great improvement and high marks as well. He continued to learn even more techniques from teachers, mentors, and success gurus and applied them religiously.

In 1997, Sreedhar ranked sixteenth nationally in a country of more than a billion people when he took a the Prestigious National-Level UPSC Examination, which many students struggle to pass. In the subsequent examination conducted after training, he achieved a ranking of first among the top 60 candidates selected.

Since then, Sreedhar has continued to refine his techniques and completed much research on human brain function. He has also gleaned more tactics from world-class trainers in order to enhance his capabilities in helping student community.

Sreedhar Vedula has guided and mentored a number of students and helped them improve their performance in a short period of time. Many have achieved excellent results in examinations and become highly successful in life through the techniques Sreedhar calls STUDYNOMICS.

About the Book

Do you spend a lot of time on studies yet struggle to achieve results commensurate with your efforts?

Do you find it difficult to remember and retain what you’ve studied?

Do you feel drowsy while studying?

Do you feel proper planning would give you an edge in your studies?

Do you over-study some subjects at the cost of others?

Does revision confuse you?

Do you experience fear of examinations?

Do you want to know the secret of final revisions?

Do you find it difficult to recall in the examination hall what you studied earlier?

Do you get distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on studies?

The unique, interesting, and implementable concepts of STUDYNOMICS, devised by Sreedhar Vedula, a national-level top achiever, mentor, coach, writer, and world-class trainer can help you overcome all of these problems with ease and certainty. Sreedhar Vedula has won the hearts of many for his unique kind of service to the global student community. His scientific, data-driven, proven, and custom-made methods are easy to implement.

Learn How To...

  • Spend less time and study more.
  • Know when to stop studying a topic and move on.
  • Remember and retain what you’ve studied, for a long time.
  • Avoid drowsiness while studying.
  • Overcome exam fear or phobia.
  • Know what, when, and how to revise.
  • Make effective final revision notes.
  • Properly plan your time with respect to the content to be covered.
  • Learn mind-mapping techniques.

Uncover in These Pages...

  • The secret techniques of toppers.
  • How easy it is to master any subject when a specific methodology is followed.
  • The right system to help you plan your studies.
  • Time-saving techniques.
  • The secret sauce of revision notes for A+ grades.
  • How studying is like playing.

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