Stu Baker

Stu Baker has been investing and advising people on money for over 30 years. He is a Certified Financial Planner and has had practices both in the city and regionally.

Having grown up in the country, Stuart now enjoys living by the sea down on the Surfcoast. Stu spends his spare time surfing, playing golf, practicing yoga and Taekwondo. He enjoys watching his boys play AFL and spending time at home and at his farm with family and friends. Stu loves educating people on their finances through speaking engagements and workshops.

Stu’s goal is to help everyone find their own road to financial freedom and support them on their journey by providing access to quality financial advice.

 About the Book

 Investing simplified! This handy little guide lets you in on the secrets of managing your money—and reaching your financial dreams! In Easy Money, author Stuart Baker throws out the jargon and explains in clear, straightforward language the basic principles of investing money. Based on his thirty years of experience as a financial adviser, he takes you through the ins and outs of investing your money safely and securely.

Read Easy Money and bust through the money myths that keep you from grabbing the golden goose of financial success. Learn how to take advantage of tax concessions. Tap into strategies for buying and holding on to affordable properties. Break the addiction to credit cards and consumer debt. Discover secrets to investing in the stock market.

Consider how to build a team of advisers who have your best interests in mind. Making money may not seem easy—but it can be. And you can make your dreams a reality too. Grab a copy of Easy Money and let it be your guide to financial freedom!


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