Suzanne Miles

Suzanne Miles is an author and a plant-based food researcher with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference in the health of people, animals, and the environment.


About the Book

Peoples’ challenges may include but are not limited to these issues: Overweight; poor food choices; being sick all the time; financial; relationships; unhappy with current lifestyle; lack of discipline.

And the solution to that? Learn how to be healthy and lose weight with plant based food choices and exercise, new lifestyle, new you!

Learn How...

  • How to transition to a plant-based lifestyle
  • How to stock a plant-based kitchen
  • How to lose weight once and for all
  • How to exercise
  • How to let go of everything that no longer serves you
  • How to enjoy a new, exciting lifestyle
  • How to live without toxins in your home and body
  • How to develop and maintain discipline

In these pages you will uncover...

Suzanne Miles amazing book, Fork It, teaches readers about the dangers of industrialized, processed foods, and how you can begin to eliminate them from your diet by replacing them with natural, healing, plant-based foods. Her book provides important facts about the toxins that come from processed foods and the power of the food marketing campaigns that sell them. With her expertise you’ll learn about the natural gifts of plants, herbs, and spices and you’ll discover how to remove toxins from your life. Learn a new way of incorporating healing foods into your diet; discover the importance of an alkaline body; find out how to heal yourself; how to let go of what no longer serves you; and how to magnetize healthy body and mind for your life’s next chapter.

Amazing weight loss through food choices and exercise. Heal yourself from the inside out!

  • Learn how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle alone or with a family
  • Learn the importance of alkaline pH balanced body for optimum health
  • Discover the benefits of buying organic foods and supporting small grocers and farmer’s markets that offer ethical, organic choices
  • Less shopping, more fun; save money, time, and energy with a plant-based lifestyle
  • Learn how to change your kitchen for plant-based living, saving space, time, and money
  • Increase your energy, get better sleep, and discover a new empowered you!
  • Discover the benefits of a long-term plant-based lifestyle including: saving money, weight loss, reducing your environmental footprint, an energized body, and vitality
  • Form the foundation of your life with plant-based toxin free living
  • Learn about super foods and discover the power of a raw diet, the vegan kitchen, and the importance of magnesium and Vitamin D
  • Discover how regular exercise in combination with a plant-based lifestyle will help you lose weight


“Fork It cuts straight to the chase of what you need to do to make the most of a brand new healthy you.” 

Analena Rebelo, author of Getting To Sold


"Fork it empowers people to join the plant based revolution. Fork it demontrates many benefits of plant based living."

-Igor Klibanov, author of Stop Exercising! The Way You Are Doing It Now


"Why are you spending so much time shopping for food that makes you sick? Do you know what’s in your food & where it’s come from? what’s sugar go to do with it? How you can you save money & time while gaining rejuvenated health and taking control of your life are just some of ways that Fork It will help you."

-Angela Tanger, author of Marketing Health & wellness Her way


"Fork it offers fresh inspiration leading the way in food & weight loss transformation."

-Fabienne Slama, author of Renaissance Woman


"There’s a food revolution going on and organic plant based living is part of the healing of the total environment we live in. This is becoming increasingly popular and Fork it is part of the leading the wave with practical sound advice for everyone."

-Dr. Andrea Maxim, author of Maximized Health


"Stepping away from the 'system' offers amazing opportunities with each passing day month years. True empowerment and confidence with taking back your health is like winning the lottery."

-Elma Alorro Dionela, author of How To Turn Scars into Stars


"It’s about the food. it all starts with the food. That’s what Fork It will demonstrate to you."

-Berns David Lucanas, author of Time is up!


"Have you ever wanted to transform your life? Here’s the answer just Fork It."

-Sheryll Pura, author of Suite Living


"If you’ve been wondering if you can join the plant based revolution the answer is yes and Fork it is one of those must have books that open the doors with practical advice that goes beyond the kitchen and into your freedom."

-Jarod and T.L Anderson, author of Five Star Mentality


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