Tran Kim Dong

Tran Kim Dong was born into a poor family. He struggle hard to earn his living and this made him more determined to succeed so he can help his family and other poor people like him. At university, he tried to find many jobs that could help him earn money. This gave him more experience than his classmates in the field of making money online as a freelancer. He became a millionaire when he was only 28 years old.

Tran Kim Dong is well-known in the online business community. He guides and supports others who work and earn money like him. In this book, he shares many tips and experiences from his freelancing experience.

About the Book

Secrets of the Millionaire Freelancer is all about how to make money as a freelancer. Freelancing can be a fantastic job, but it's also a challenging and not for the faint of heart. It's time to get real about how people earn a lot of money from home or while on a vacation.

Through this book, I want to show you my experiences in being great at this job. Truly, I hope it can be an inspiration for you to start doing anything you would like to do and are passionate about.

Learn How...

Secrets of the Millionaire Freelancer will show you where and how to start as a freelancer, as well as how to make a lot of money in the Print on Demand (POD) industry. This book will put you in a powerful position in your life.

Uncover in These Pages...

  • What this book brings to you
  • What a freelancer is
  • Some of the great things that only freelancers get
  • How to earn money with Print on Demand (POD)
  • Inspiration as you start out
  • How to find niche ideas
  • POD Product designing
  • How to manage sales
  • My experience and journey to becoming Top 1 Teespring
  • Advice on teamwork
  • Difficulties and challenges of being a freelancer
  • How to improve your skills in POD industry

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