Tudor-Tim Ionescu

Tudor -Tim Ionescu is a coach, speaker, and consultant who provides strategies and skills for modern businesses and developing leaders. He is also a highly sought-after professional trainer.

Tudor has developed his start-up business from a three-man company to ranking number 1 in its business sector among more than 130other companies. Since 2016, Tudor has been elected as general councilor of Bucharest Municipality, Romania’s capital, with over 2 million citizens. He has a strong commitment in the progress of people and society, which he promotes in all his appearances on national TV stations in Romania and Europe.

Born in 1985 and raised by his grandparents, Tudor has studied international trade, then political science, followed by a law degree.

He has two master’s degrees in European studies and compared politics. He also fluently speaks five languages. Tudor is one of the best-known animal activists in Romania, passing several bills on animal welfare, such as the banning of using animals in circuses, which became a national law. Most importantly, Tudor provides education and tools to help you make your life and your business thrive, developing you into a leader by teaching you what actions will get you what you want.

Through books, speeches, courses, and workshops, Tudor is dedicated to helping you progress and developing yourself into that next level of success, no matter where you are in your life right now. He makes this possible through courses, trainings, and personal and business coaching. Tudor lives in Bucharest, Romania. He’s a sports addict and shares his home with his cat and loving boxer, Skip. He enjoys travelling, theatre shows, and motorbike rides.

About the Book

People fear anarchy, chaos, and lack of rules.

People need leaders—some because they understand it’s in their best interest, some because they need the safety that a leader provides, and some because they need to know that they are not facing difficulties alone.

This book is intended to help you progress towards becoming a true leader. Derived from dog-training techniques, this book gives you seven strategies to develop your leadership abilities.

Just as dogs, people live in packs, or groups, and each group needs a leader. That leader can be you!

Learn How To...

Overcome failure and fear.Become a leader. Get out of that comfort zone. Make the steps towards becoming the leader you always wanted to be.

Uncover In These Pages...

  • Set the objectives and make the first step
  • Be firm, constant, fair, and respectful
  • Learn time management
  • Communicate
  • Build a leader’s attitude
  • Develop the values of honesty and realism
  • Get and keep the pack’s attention
  • Progress
  • Be unconventional
  • Give back to the society.

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