Yvette D. Best

Yvette D. Best has over twenty years of experience in taxation and is listed in the IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, she graduated magna cum laude from Centenary College of New Jersey, with a bachelor of science in business administration and earned an honors-level MBA from Belhaven University. She has always a great passion for numbers and paying close attention to details, so it was no surprise that she became a proficient tax accountant in 2003 and opened her own business in 2006.

Her firm, Best Services Unlimited LLC, is the only income tax preparation company in Fayetteville, Georgia that is accredited and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau of Metro Atlanta. She attends the annual IRS Tax Forum to keep current and up to date with the ever-changing of tax laws and trends. Yvette also maintains active membership in the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP). She is quoted on several leading financial websites and recently became a Huffington Post contributor. In addition to specializing in corporate and personal income tax return preparation, her company provides small business startup and consulting services.

Currently, Yvette is penning books to help taxpayers maximize their tax deductions on several different tax schedules.

She couples her writing with one of her favorite past times, traveling with her family. “Travel helps me overcome any writer’s block and focus on what’s important,” she said.

Her successful business has grown organically over the last ten years, and she hopes to pass on her accumulated knowledge to our youth and educate them on the importance of managing their personal finances. She has a strong desire to help taxpayers navigate a complicated world of facts and figures.

Yvette’s ongoing learning and experiences give her an edge in financial knowledge, and any taxpayer can benefit from her wise insights. Her life experience and personal story of inspiration is what drives this successful business woman forward, and she is happy to share all she knows so others can hold on to more of their hard-earned finances.

About the Book

Do you dread Tax Day every year, wishing you could hold on to more of your hard-earned cash instead of handing it over to the government? If so, Maximizing Your Tax Refund is for you! In clear, jargon-free language, this book reveals thirty-five proven strategies to help you keep more of your money. Understand tax credits and deductions and the rules of their use, then customize a strategy according to your needs and win the tax game.

Learn How...

Whether you receive a big tax refund or pay less throughout the year, with the strategies in Maximizing Your Tax Refund, you will end up with more money in your pocket!

Uncover in These Pages...

Learn to master the ins and outs of personal credits and deductions revealed in Maximizing Your Tax Refund and find yourself with more money in your pocket when tax time comes around.

  • Learn how recent tax law changes will affect your 2016 filing.
  • Learn strategies to maximize your tax refund and minimize taxes owed.
  • Identify certain tax credits that apply to your specific situation.
  • Identify your tax deductions and claim them correctly.
  • Know the rules of thumb for record-keeping and learn how to stay organized.
  • Learn how to properly claim your home for business.
  • Identify the many business expenses that qualify as deductions.
  • Strategies for utilizing deductions and credits for education.
  • Stop making the costly mistakes that reduce your tax refund.
  • Get the answers you need quickly, from a trusted source.


“A must-read for anyone who wants to learn the strategies in maximizing tax refund and minimizing taxes owed.”

Angela Tanger, author of Marketing Health & Wellness Her Way


"So many people fail to master the ins and outs of personal credits and deductions. Reading the tips in this book will help anyone overcome that obstacle and succeed."

Alexander Woo, author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young and Rich?


"If I could read only one book on how to win the tax game, Maximizing Your Tax Refund is the one I would choose!"

Elizabeth Frisch, author of Mission to Million$


“What a practical, straightforward, yet enriching book. Congratulations Yvette Best!”

David and Tammy Stanleyauthor of FREEDOM = (TIME+MONEY)2


"As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward and proven strategies, this book helps you keep more of your money when tax time comes around."

J. Michael Cavitt, author of The "R" Effect


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