From Poverty to $200 Million

About Gerry Robert

Gerry took himself from a life of poverty to earning more than $200 million through speaking, publishing and marketing. He is an international speaker who has spoken to more than 3 million attendees, at thousands of events around the globe. Gerry is regarded as one of the top 20 speakers in the world and regularly opens for the most recognizable and respected authorities in the industry, including Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Sir Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gerry has written five International Bestsellers and has gained worldwide media attention. His business partnerships and client list feature an incredible array of celebrities, authors, and business leaders. Gerry has also mentored some of the highest income earners in numerous industries.

He is the Founder and President of Black Card Books, and recognized as the 'category creator' of the entrepreneurial book publishing industry. Black Card Books has worked with, and published more authors than any other publisher in the world and is world's fastest growing publishing company, based on title acquisitions.

Gerry teaches you how to use a book as a marketing and branding tool, to differentiate yourself and your business in today's crazy, crowded marketplace. The majority of Gerry's clients, have never had any previous writing experience. The Black Card Books system is designed so that entrepreneurs can complete their books with expert guidance, while working within a proven success structure.

Gerry genuinely cares about people and helps them to achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. He has an incredible knack of finding business opportunities that others fail to see. Working in marketing his entire career, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. His ideas are not conventional. He is both provocative and innovative, while providing practical ideas and strategies that generate additional revenue for almost any type of business.

His passion is working with everyday writers and speakers to help them become incredibly successful. Success to Gerry reaches beyond his business ventures. He has been married for more than 36 years to his teenage sweetheart, Anne. He is also the father of three married sons and is a proud grandfather to two awesome grandchildren who are clearly his pride and joy. Watch the video below to hear Gerry share his story, in a very personal and introspective interview.